Engine Oil, Trans Fluid, Primary Fluid. Check hot or cold?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by sincityharley, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. sincityharley

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    I keep getting different responses to this question. I was hoping someone super mechanically inclined could answer.

    I just replaced all the stock (primary, engine and trans) fluids with Harley Synthetic 20/50.

    My first question is which of these need to be checked when the bike is hot and also which of these need to be check while the bike is level and which need to be checked on its kickstand? Thanks in advance.
  2. Iceman24

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    For the touring bikes, should be similar to your Softail, the checks are:

    Engine Oil = on stand, hot or cold. Only difference is where the fluid registers on the dipstick

    Tranny = on stand, check cold

    Primary = level bike, check cold

    At least this is how I've done it throughout the years...
  3. doctor727

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    In my manual(04 Heritage) side stand normal temp for the engine ( will read low), upright cold for the trans, upright cold for the primary. If you have an oil dipstick with the temp indicator in it, the stick reads correct on the side stand.