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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ultrat, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. ultrat

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    Engine noise between 2100 rpm & 2900 rpm its a tsk tsk sound not loud just there. Engine is just quieter at 2000 rpms & again at 3000 rpms & up.Do the 96 t/c engines have a spot they like to run at. & is 2000 rpms to low to cruise at would this rpm be considered lugging. 09 ultra stage 1 download mo/flo a/c kerker slipons 1.3/4 baffles s/e compensator.
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    I have an 08 FLHX and it seems to cruise best around 2500-3000 rpm, thats where it responds and pulls best from. A straight cruise with no hills or any pulling I personally think 2000 is ok but on the edge of lugging. I try to cruise at 2300-3000 I'm shure others will have different recomendations. That noise you're hearing sounds to me like normal engine noise(remember it's a machine it's gonna make noises). Good luck,Ride Safe.

    Hogrotten :)
  3. ultrat

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    Thank you hogrotten. I have had things fail so i listen, any one else hear a different sound in the 2200-to-3000 rpm range.....tx
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    Ultrat, I would say at 2,000 you are lugging it unless your just on flat ground in town or going through your housing addition trying to keep the noise down.You would be lugging if you tried to roll on the gas to pass without down shifting. Try running it at a higher rpm and see if that noise goes away. I like to run around 2500 and still drop a gear if I need to pass. Thats my 2 cents

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  5. ultrat

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    I am on flat ground, but on the hiway. now i would drop a gear if i get on the throttle. the tsk sound is beteen 2200-28or 3000 rpms engine sounds smoother at 2000-2100 ..tx Mike.....

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    COULD BE a exhaust leak....
    I would take it in at your convenience and let the HD SHOP listen and ANSWER...

    I never ride 3rd gear and UP at less than 2200/2300 or so....
    BELOW 2200 in upper gears and pulling it a little,, would be LUGGING in my book.

    Sounds like you have a handle on the LUGGING and you know the feeling so I think you are on the mark.... Shifting DOWN and twisting the throttle is the KEY....

  7. ultrat

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    tx Bubbie .....for your input..greatly appreatated. I am going to local D just get there thoughts .....mabey ride an identicle bike......im just a worry wort.....
  8. Chopper

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    If you've had the bike awhile and it did not make the tsk tsk noise before you can bet it's something. Bubbie was right on with it could be a exhaust leak. Remember the guys at the dealership ride all model bikes and will not be as tune in as you are with your own bike, but if it's bad enough they should pick up on it right away. good luck
  9. ultrat

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    tx Chopper.. no the noise has been there since new. you just get a feeling the motor likes to run at 2000 to 2100 rpms ..
  10. Neilwillo

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    My 09 FLHT makes a noise between 2200 and about 2800, pretty much the same as yours. To me it sounds like lifters/overhead drivetrain sort of noise. Not Intrusive but definately a change in engine sound in those revs. It has done it since day one and I have had my HD dealer listen to it several times without a resolution. Bike now has 16000k on it

    One suggestion is that it might be the intake sound at those revs. It doesn't seem to have changed at all and changing to Mobil V twin oil hasn't changed it either.

    It is on the right side of the engine as far as I can tell and that is what makes me suspect the intake system. The 09s have a different set up than earlier models.

    Dunno really but mine does it too.