Engine noise on Ultra Limited

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by radar27615, Nov 13, 2011.

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    I would appreciate any feedback from 103 owners out there they may have this problem. My 2010 Ultra Limited currently has 16k miles. Every since the bike had approx. 10k miles, I have been having an intermitten problem with a very loud ticking noise. This occurs after the bike has been ridden for a long distance and then the engine is stopped and left off for some time. Upon restarting a very loud ticking noise comes from the engine and will continue for approx. 20-30 seconds. Again, this does not happen every time and I tried to make it happen at my HD dealer but (my luck) it didn't do it that time. Any ideas on what this may be?
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    Dealers are well aware of it. They just dont want to do anything about it. Read your manual. I dont know about the 2010's but for 2011's it is on page 169, under hydraulic lifters. It says - When starting an engine which has been turned off even for a few minutes, the valve mechanism may be slightly noisy until the hydraulic units completely refill with oil.
    Mine does it when I change oil. Dealers even showed my new ones on the showroom floor that do it.
    Gary D.
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    If there is only 1 lifter making a noise then perhaps it may be worth replacing it but as it pumps up after a wee while then it i would run as is the lifters do bleed down when left for a while

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    if you replace the liifters sometime also replace
    the push rods to adj. pushrods. you have to use bolt cutters to get the old ones out.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    IF I did nothing to a NEW bike but stage one, I Would replace the "One Size Fits All" harleys idea on pushrods and go with fully adjustable pushrods...

    SE Slender Tapers are nice

    No way would I NOT adjust the lifters to do it's best sound.. The Lifters are Hydraulic to adjust easily in MARGIN.. So adjusting a little makes a BIG difference

    This said, I find the SWEET Spot and My lifters are quiet..

    I always thought the squeeze the lifter has(free space) is what pumped the oil thru the rod tubes but I have been tod by GURU's that it doesn't make any difference What Pre-Load you use, the Metered amount of oil comes thru the lifter paddled into the rod... SO theory; IF you have lifter Pre Load TOO tight, It will not affect the oil coming thru the lifter. IF too Loose It might (leak out):newsmile055:

    You can comment here IF you like but I think My Old Thinking was wrong.. And New thinking is right...:D

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    I had the same exact problem only with a 2009 Ultra Classic, with a stock 96. I traded it off, but the tech that was working on it said the problem was the ( oil pressure relief assembly ) After getting the bike warm and letting it for 10 minutes or so, on start up it would knock for 10-20 seconds. he said either the spring was weak or the valve body wasn't seating, causing the oil to drain back, causing it to cavitate, then on start up it would take awhile for the oil pressure to come up.
    Hope this helps Jonnierock
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    What brand and weight oil were you using? Also what filter?
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    I am thinking like Glider. When I used Amsoil I would have a loud tapping noise, when I used Mobil 1 it was still there but not as often. I am using Lucas syn oil now and have not heard it. My buddy has an 05 with 125000 miles and when he starts the thing is embaressing. He is also an Amsoil dealer and has used nothing but Amsoil. If you are using Amsoil, for the price of an oil change I would try it.
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    I have been using Mobil 1 since 1k miles.
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    I would drop it @ the dealer let them keep it over night, I bet they find bad lifters when they fire it up after it sits Warranty issue:s