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    I have a 2009 Road Glide with around 12,500 miles. It came to me with 3K miles, Rhine hart exhaust, K&N high intake air cleaner & a V&H Fuel Module. Recently I had the engine light come on and the bike went into "limp" mode until I pulled over and restarted it. It ran fine until I got off the freeway and did it again after starting up from a light. The Harley dealer shop said it had a code recorded indicating an air intake/exhaust issue but they couldn't determine the cause. They cleared the codes and sent me out after talking about the V&H fuel module being the possible cause. It's been a day and it hasn't happened again but I'm beginning to think about a stage-1 flash and removing the V&H fuel module in hopes it helps. The dyno tune is just too (EDIT) expensive ($800) at the Harley dealer, which they said was the ultimate solution and I can't think this mild exhaust modification should require the dyno tune to solve the problem.

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    Any ideas?
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    phoenixguy; did the HD service shop give you the code#...this would help narrow things down a bit. Might be the fueler & could be small air leak somewhere...??
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    Like Iceman said, you need to know what the codes were. Next time do a WOW test and record the codes before they clear them. Not many codes will put an ECM into limp mode. If it really went into limp mode, it was more than a simple problem code and I would bet at least 1 code was something like P1511, P2101 etc. If they were, they will return if the dealership did nothing except to clear them out of the history log.