Emissions test due on '07 Street Bob

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by AZRobert, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I actually manage an auto repair shop so I'm familiar with the testing on cars, but I'm not sure what to expect for my Street Bob.
    On an '07 car, it is OBD II (newer than '96) so they just plug into it and check "readiness" - as long as the engine light os off and the readiness is set you are goo to go.
    Is it the same for my bike? - Will they have to pull my seat to access the connector?
    Thanks, I think that I may be a little paranoid about my bike, but I suspect that I may be around like minded individuals in that respect.
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    :bigsmiley23: Robert, just went through this on my '07 Superglide. I was being Mr. Paranoid after getting a cam change, stage 1, and the SERT this past year, and the bike being five years old thus requiring an emissions test. I too live in Maricopa County, in Tempe, supposedly the only county in the country requiring the test.

    The bike comes up for tag renewal Aug 15th while I would be gone. Took the bike in for inspection in June, which it passed comfortably, and left specific instructions with my wife to send in confirmation with the renewal. Turned out that the renewal did not ask the bike even be tested. You might be in the same situation.

    All they did was the exhaust pipe test. They did not hook anything up to the plug you're asking about and when I questioned them specifically they replied they did not.

    For what its worth, the plug on my SG is routed out the front of the battery box about an inch and sits between the box and the rear cylinder. Unless it was used during the dyno tune it has never been touched.

    Hope this helps. I'm not particularly worried now about next year.
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    I cont know what kind of data they could get from our ECM, the link on my 07 Stretbob is on the back of the air cleaner:s Jacksonville Fl used to have an emissions test we voted it out in 1997:s
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    all they do is sniff test i just did mt 07 road glide with 103 54h cams true duals se race tuner i brough my lap top to do a down load if need to it went through flying colors the trick is not to fail the guy told me than you have to do the dyno test anyway hope this helps