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  1. Oscar

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    I see the instructions for using this on the forum, but no discussion regarding it. Does anyone carry this? I can see it's usefulness for getting out of the woods and back home, though I can't find one that is spec'd for models past 2006. I ride with a good sized group and it's be logical for one of us to carry one, but $110 for something that'd most likely never be used seems steep.

    Emergency Drive Belt Replacement Kit | Genuine Motor Accessories | Harley-Davidson USA
  2. Jonas

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    I carry one. I got a deal on ebay from someone who sold their bike.
  3. Hoople

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    I looked at that belt a while back. Gotta admit it is a clever device. What I would do is look up the actual replacement belt for your bike because it may say how many teeth are on your present belt. Then you will know if any of those emergency belts may/will actually fit. Worse come to worse, jack up your rear wheel and count the teeth.
    Unless your group all use the same belt, it won't help much.
  4. dbmg

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    With normal riding and regular maintenance to belt and normal life of belt I would not feel a need to have. I agree this is pricey and what is the difficulty of installation out on the road? The only broken belts I ever saw were due to burnouts and very aggressive riding or rear pulley bolts back out of wheel.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    These belts are strong enough to go 50- 100k yep I said it when HD did the initial torture test they got it right:s

    BOBFLHTC Active Member

    I carry one because I take longer trips and its a big deal to replace one. I also carry extra 02 Sensor plugs for the exhaust after I lost them recently - Bob
  7. willy g

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    They do hold up normally really well. My friend replaced his at 70k and by that time he also had to replace the sprockets too, they were as worn as bad as the belt. I don't carry a kit nor even thought of it although I've heard of people getting a stone thrown in there and it will push through and tear a hole. Although couple years back I saw a Electra Glide Trike (Lehman Conversion) DOA on the road just ahead of the belt it just threw off.
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    i have 120.4 hp on a 2010 flhtk limited. i run it hard. ive broke 2 belts in the first 5000 miles. it a (EDIT)
    to change. would be a good idea to carry one. the next one that goes im coverting to chain

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  9. cromedome

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    Helped a guy put one on a 1998 Glide today, he was broke down out in the boonies, picked up a rock that snapped the drive belt.
    He had the emergency belt kit with him, it took a while but we got the repair kit belt on, and he was on his way. Beats walking, going to see if the have one for the later touring bikes, and stick it in the saddle bag just incase.
  10. geezer

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    I have always carried one for insurance. I know I might never use it but if I didn't have it I'm sure I would need it. Murphy's Law.