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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 22Raptor, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Have 98 Ultra and would like to know if there is a upgrade to increase power beyond the 45 stator. run additional electrical items, volt gage takes nose dive. Stator is new as well as battery. Run additinal brake lights, XM, cooling fan, etc. Understand police bikes may have additional power source.
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    I haven't looked into the cost, but would it be an option to switch over to LED lights? I am by no means an electrical guru, but if you are looking at a difference of 5 amps (45 to a 50), I would think you could come close to that by going LED on the lights. But, I guess if it is a well used, original system, it may be worth while replacing it. Just a thought....
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    Your year bike is single phase which is why you see the nose dive. Single phase is at a big disadvantage & the best mod you could make (including magnets) would be somehow going to 3 phase.
    That is where I would focus my money.
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    +1 I would look into more efficient bulbs and such as that would be cheaper, easier, and in the end it will help even if you do upgrade your charging system. That being said, cars and trucks used to run a 60 amp alternator and that was capable of powering a blower motor, headlamps and running lights, windshield wipers and all the other standard features form back in the day. On my car I have a 100 amp system, but there are heated seats, a bose stereo system with amps (stock) power seats, climate control etc etc.

    The new touring bikes have one heck of a charging system from the factory and they are designed to handle a lot more accesories then the bikes have. Look at the factory mods you can get such as heated seats and grips that you hear of. I have yet to hear that upgraded charging systems are being pushed. If your that concerned, just remember to turn as many accessories off a few minutes before arriving at your destination.