Electra Glide Standard vs. Street Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Drew, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Drew

    Drew Active Member

    is the primary difference between these bikes the higher seat on the Electra? What warrants the $2k price difference? Just curious

  2. krikket

    krikket Active Member

    I couldn't have worded that any better!!! I was just comparing the 2 today and came up with the same answer. If the Street Glide came with the denim paint option, it would be mine.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

    Dr. Dolittle Experienced Member Contributor Retired Moderators

    The 2008 Street Glides offered several colors in the denim option. Did they drop this for 2009?
  4. R. Lewis

    R. Lewis Senior Member Retired Moderators

    Pewter and Red hot denim for 09.
  5. martysnarf

    martysnarf Active Member

    Yeah, there were more denim colors last year.

    Drew- there are lots of extra chrome and add-ons that you would have to spend money on if you got an EGlide. The motor is chromed on the SG, the rear fender is different, it doesn't have saddlebag guards, and lots of other things. The EGlide has passing lamps, the SG has bullet-style turn signals and a cleaned-up look on the rear fender as well... Lots of little differences.

    I was in the same boat as you and was considering both, and it became apparent to me that I would spend much more money adding things to the EGlide to make it similar to the SG than I would just buying the SG. Go to the Stealership and look at both- like the guys suggest above- and you'll see quite a bit of difference. Hope that helps!
  6. whatyardwork

    whatyardwork Banned

    Smitty summed it up pretty good.The radio with all the gizmoes alone will set you back around $800.If you like chrome its a no brainer, go with the SG.Also i recieved the discount for buying a black SG.They mark up for a color option and wont knock it back down unless you ask.Black is $500 cheaper for the glide.Id buy a left over,or 1 yr. old cop bike with the bigger motor before buying the std.
  7. Mickster

    Mickster Active Member

    I had same questions as y'all did, then created a "wish-list/price-list" of stuff I wanted added to my dream plain ole 09 SG. Then common sense struck me, that all the features i wanted = a EG! :s So, I included the tour-pac removal kit and have removed that portion of the scooter that made it look like a StationWagon (!), and now i've got my "SG" appearing-09 EG and am so-o-o happy. So much so, now my wife wants one too, although she'll keep it lookin' like a "station wagon".
    Friend, just get the 09 EG, take off tour-pac and you'll be happy forever! :D

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  8. hdizzy155

    hdizzy155 New Member

    Hey it looks good and I have done the same. I bought the 09 EG /blk denim and well pleased.
  9. bonedaddio

    bonedaddio Member

    I traded in my 07 SG for an 09 SG, so I'm obviously partial.
    SG's are "the dark side of baggers" (someone else said, but yeah).
    There's lots of differences, but it comes down to your personal preferrence/style mostly.
    SG's don't have the chrome and embelishments to the fenders (even the EG Standard has some), no rear crash-bar, sit an inch lower, have a truly useless-for-long-distances seat, have a different (slightly louder, especially the 09s) exhaust sound, and according to some, slightly better performance. They don't have the passing lamps and bracket, one of the big differences visually. AND, if you're riding an SG, you'll never ever feel like your being chased down the road by an oddly-shaped piece of tailgating Samsonite luggage. (Unless you add the 4-point hardware and a tour pak).
    To each his own, and it's clear where my loyalty lies.
  10. mqhybrid

    mqhybrid Active Member

    The one big thing i have seen between the two is the sg has the black engine and the eglide standerd has the silver engine. I don't know about everybody eles but I like the black my self. looks better with crome.