EGC Insurance ----Ouch!!! Recommendations

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jackloganbill, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. jackloganbill

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    Holy moly my insurance (Progressive) doubled. I removed two bikes ('06 Ural Tourist and '03 Nomad) and added the EGC, and it doubled!!!! Yikes!!

    Are there any HD friendly insurance companies out there?

    I'm in the Chicago area....

  2. Hoople

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    I went from a smaller Yammy to the Dyna with Geico and it Tripled. When I asked why such a big jump, she said "Would you steal a Yammy?" :)
  3. SirDimsdale

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    I must apologize that I don't recognize your earlier models but Harley's are stolen the most and not recovered. That's what your paying for especially in or near a city.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    I have had Progressive/ Dairyland for years and was paying way too much here in Florida, in Minnesota i paid 1 dollar a day for full coverage. I called Dairyland back in June to find out why the rates were so high, after the usual double talk it seems I qualified for there Gold program for being with them for 20 +years so they cut my rate in half, This I can live with, when I asked why it took so long they said they are not obligated to inform me about rate cuts only if I was to ask, Go figure
  5. cromedome

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    I shop my insurance every year, and let whomever I currently have it with know i am checking out other companies, seems to help.
  6. horizonchaser

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    You don't say how much you are actually paying. I have an '03 Ultra and it cost me around $400.00 for full coverage. I did that the first year but now I take the bike off the road from Nov. thru April and I pay half of that. That seems pretty reasonable to me. Of course I learned years ago to have a good driving record mainly so I don't get porked on my insurance costs! I just can't see turning my $$$ over to the insurance company's if I don't have to. Like others have mentioned, shop around. I have a friend who has a RK & Classic and he pays less than $300. for both of them! He keeps liability only on both of them. I prefer spending a little more just in case I have to replace my bike.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Keep a good credit score this helps too:s
  8. Cyclops

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    Like Smitty said, a provider may be lower in one area and higher in another. After being with Progressive for several years they more than doubled my rates. I inquired with Geico and they were cheaper than Progressive had ever charged me. Progressive warned me that I'd be sorry because Geico was 'buying' the business and would hike my rates down the road. That was about 4 years ago and my rates really haven't changed. When I upgraded from an 01 Fatboy to an 09 Ultra Classic the rate didn't even change. I will also mention that my 2 autos are insured with a total different carrier, ...who won't even offer insurance for a motorcycle.

    Shop around and forget about being loyal to a specific carrier. Best of luck!:57:
  9. johnkarlfl

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    Florida seems pretty high compare to others also.
  10. NEWHD74FAN

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    Actually Jack makes a very good point. If you have been with your insurance carrier for a long time and have had no accidents...they will usually give you discount rates for "use" (miles driven), "longevity" and good "history"...but ONLY if you ask for it!

    You may also want to review your coverage as after 5 years or so, your bike may be insured at a different rate regarding comprehensive and amount of deductible.

    As for increasing rates...remember Insurance Companies are in the business to MAKE would be rare indeed to see insurance rate go down by itself...they have shareholders to please, just like large manufacturers (whatever the Industry will bear...)!