Early Softail Fork Sliders

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    Does anyone have interchangeability info for earlier Softail Wideglide sliders. I'm looking at possibly going chrome or black. I'm seeing conflicting info as to what years are interchangeable. I've seen 84-99, 87-99, 91-99 etc. I've got a leaky left on my 1990 Fxstc.

    Suprisingly, my local dealer has the seals in stock:p

    I'm gonna swap them out this weekend for now, along with the other things I'm waiting to get home to to tackle.....battery (Deka), cables, relay etc.

    I want to keep my eye out for sliders available on ebay and most sellers either don't know fitment or don't disclose and there are plenty to chose from.

    I'll take a close look at the tubes to check for pitting while I have the front end apart which may be why they're leaking now. If I find pitting, I may just look into replacing the entire tube and slider assemblies. As long as my single caliper will line up, perhaps it may give me more options with other model years that use the 3/4" axle.

    Tried the search button:s

    Thanks in advance.....
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    On a part where there are several similar sizes between different years I would be cautious with Ebay. Quite often the seller isn't completely sure what they will fit and you might end up with the wrong part. If I were you I would simply chrome or powdercoat the sliders you have when you take them apart. That way you know it's going to fit (provided you don't have any pitting like you mentioned). Check around your area for reputable chrome/powdercoat shops.
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    Al; My HD accessory book lists #45305-98 chrome lowers as fitting '91-'99 FXDWG,FXST,FXSTC and FXSTB. Then another part # for '00-'06 (with a few exceptions). Dennis Kirk and J&P list '84-'89 FX-- lowers as interchangeable.
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    Thanks Breeze,
    That's what I was getting at. It seems everyone list different years as being interchangeable. I'll continue searching and may be able to gather info for others looking to do something similar.

    If I did decide to have mine chromed Dswartz, that would be a winter project. Too nice to ride at this time of year.:D