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    I'm curious what recommendations everyone has for comfortable ear plugs. I've tried the foam plugs, made my own ear molds with a kit I purchased on line, tried the swimmer's wax and bought an assortment of online plugs only to find none are as comfortable as plain old cotton. I know it's not the best, but cotton does help with the wind noise and stays in place without irritation. Any other suggestions short of bondo?
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    Howard Leight Max UF Foam Ear Plugs (NRR 33)

    * The world’s most-used polyurethane foam earplug
    * Contoured bell-shape is easier to insert, resists tendency to back-out of ear canal
    * Polyurethane foam enhances comfort, especially for long-term wear
    * Smooth, soil-resistant closed-cell foam skin prevents dirt build-up
    * Max USA in patriotic red/white/blue colors
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    Well, since you ruled out Bondo, I guess I'll have to go with what I use. I have custom fitted ear plugs and love them. I know you tried the "do it yourself" custom fitted ear plug method but you might have better luck having the injection done by a professional. I had mine done first at a motorcycle show and then at a booth at the MotoGP. I was happy with both but then lost them.

    I had my next pair made at a shop that specializes in making custom fitted ear plugs. The store was near Chino Hills, California and may be close to you since you live in Southern California. The guy there is a current LAPD officer and he has made dozens of pairs for his fellow officers. I got not only a solid pair but also a pair that allows in sound less than 80db. I also got a pair that has small speakers built into them for listening to iPods, etc.

    If you are interested, let me know and I'll look for the name of the company and give it to you.
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    I use these, not too fancy but work for me to keep the wind noise down.
    ear plugs.jpg
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    WOW this tugged back a memory. Using cotton? Basic Training, 1969, if our triple Umbrella ear plugs did not fit or were forgotten. The Drill Sergeants made us use cigarette butts which did nothing.

    My ears ring 24/7 today. Vietnam did them in. Today I use Muffs as much as possible except when to hot or confined space. Then its the foam fit I like the laser-lites. I even wear them when working under something to keep dirt or weld splatter out of ears.

    I am fortunate. I have several different types of 30+ rating plugs for the guys to chose from at work. They try different ones till they find something comfortable.

    I keep several pair of laser-lites in my windshield bag. I do reuse if reasonably clean, no wax or dirt showing, and I buy them by the 200 pair box about $30.
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    I use the yellow E.A.R. plugs I use to get at work.
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    I have been using EarPro sonic defenders for about a year now. I like the way they fit, and if I switch to a full face helmet the sides of the helmet don't rip them out of my ears.

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    i also use the laser-lites. very soft and when put it properly, they re-expand to the shape of your ear for a good seal.
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    I use the once that SamF posted. They work great and are cheap.
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