Ear Plugs vs. Speaker Sound Quality

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by Dr. Dolittle, Jan 28, 2010.

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    If I'm going to be riding for an extended period at highway speeds, I like to wear earplugs to reduce the wind roar induced fatigue. The problem I'm finding is that this seriously affects the sound coming from my speakers, and I have J&M's, not stock. I've tried every combination of volume, bass, and treble and I just can't get the sound to equal what it is with no earplugs. Oh, I wear the simple, foam, expanding plugs available in any drug store.

    Has anyone found an earplug that doesn't change what you're hearing from the stereo but still cuts the wind and road noise? Or am I going to have to spring for an amp and maybe the tweeter pod Hawgtunes makes to recover the quality of my music while riding with the plugs in?
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    Dr. D; don't know if you have contact w/any ENT or audiologists, but they could see if a custom set of ear plugs would do the trick. I used to have some back in my AF Firefighter days & they worked well while riding in loud fire trucks - so we could hear the radios. Could be worth a look...
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    Hey Doc, you may look into noise attenuators. Basically like earplugs, but a little better quality. Some musicians wear them, (cheaper than the monitor sets for the big acts). I have a friend who wears them at the airshows. I'm thinking he paid about $60 for them many years ago, but the key here is that he has had them for 8 or 10 years.
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    Dr. D,

    From what you're writing, it sounds like you are not wearing a helmet or at least not one that covers your ears. If so, have you thought about some simple earbuds? Don't know if your '08 has a headset plug aside from the one on the tank, but even if not, you can probably get an adapter to convert the 9 pin to a simple stereo jack, and then any set of comfortable in-ear headphones (earbuds) will work. Serves to exclude the wind noise AND give you great tunes for the long hauls.

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    I'm surprised to hear you have that problem behind a fairing, I used to grow sideburns back when I road a Yamaha 750 special. That kept the wind noise away. I've never noticed the wind in my ears with the flht.
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    Actually I wear a 3/4 helmet and have a full face on order. I actually tried riding with some good quality earbuds before I sprung for the new J&M speakers - I just didn't like the way the music totally isolated you from other road noise, horns, sirens, etc. I like to listen to tunes but not at the total exclusion of other surrounding noises. The J&M's sound great, even at highway speeds, as long as I'm not wearing my earplugs.
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    These both look very promising - thanks for the info guys!
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    I had problems hearing the stock speakers at highway speeds; however, after I added HogTunes speakers and amp it was much better. Then, I added the HogPod and now, I have zero problems hearing crystal clear tunes (from the iPod) at 80 mph. The HogPod makes the "highs" much much easier to hear. I do have a buddy that swears wearing earplugs helps him hear the radio but I do not wear them.