E-85 in bikes anyone?!???!

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by e85hog, May 5, 2010.

  1. e85hog

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    I'm curious if there many others out here that run ethanol in there scoots!? I have converted my 07' Streetglide over and now run it in my bike. I work for an ethanol plant, and have done alot of research on the fuel, and its affects on the engines. I became very confident in the fuel, and love how it runs in my vehicles, especially the Harley.
    Being an air cooled engine, the cooler, the better, right? Ethanol burns up to 30% cooler, and has a rating of 105-108 octane. the perfect fuel for the engine, as long as the fuel/air mix is correct. Not to mention, doing my part to rely less on foreign oil, and supporting the middle east!
  2. Hoople

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    You left out 1 important part. How many miles to a gallon do you get.
  3. cdn-bigfoot

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    e85hog is a new member and his first 2 posts are pushing a product. And his user name is even promoting it.

    I would love to have the ethanol discussion with any member that starts a thread looking for debate and input. Sorry is it just me or does this thread wreak of a spammer?

    We welcome new members, but get to know us before you go for the bra strap.
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    We ran it in a select group of our company vehicles, mine being one of them, and after about 3-months the garage had us go back to what is recommended by the vehicle manufacture. Our MPG dropped considerably & with no positive performance issues noted. Seems that the E-85 burns at a lower temperature also lowering the combustion ratio, thereby requiring more fuel to do the same amount of work. The onboard computers in these modern vehicle compensates & pushes more fuel through.
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    My mother-in-law put it in her Chev Avalanche once & she said it ran rough & her MPG's dropped below 10. The vehicle is "dual-fuel" but she won't run it anymore. It's not a buying point when I'm looking for new vehicles - I'm holding out for the hydro-elec cars...;)
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Our Bikes are not set up to run on this garbage gas, until The MOCO develops the right combo of engine and injection system I think we are in trouble:)
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    And it's driving up the price of corn so meat cost more. I would rather eat the corn.:D
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    Maybe my view of the topic is way too simplistic but if Ethanol has 75,670 BTU's of energy per gallon vs 115,400 BTU's of energy per gallon for gasoline, and since energy can not be created nor destroyed and can only be changed in it's form, than taking an engine that was designed for gasoline and using E85 for it's fuel,, won't push me down the road as far as gasoline did. Not by a long shot.
    Looks to me I will have to fill up a lot more frequent, along with paying a higher price per gallon for E85, which we all know will happen.
  9. 08HOG

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    I would think that with the proper tuning you could probably run it like smitty says, but my question is that the MOCO does not recommend that and what are the long term affects. I think I will stick with premium gas in my scooter. JMO.
  10. Mattman4403

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    Not in a stock motor, they are not built to run alcohol. Too much water in the fuel and too cool of a burn. There is a reason you build up a race motor to run alcohol, it is a very different fuel.