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    This is a stupid question. Some guy told me I should get my bike on a dyno. Why do people put their bike on a dyno? I have heard of people putting cars on a dyno but dont know what a dyno does. Does it have something to do with air fuel mixture or tell you how fast your bike/car is when to shift or how far can you redline your bike.....dont really know can somebody explain the advantages of a dyno to me.
  2. glider

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    Makes NO sense at all to dyno it if you don't have a tuner to change things.
  3. DDogg

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    After installing new pipes, K&N A/C and a PCIII, I had the bike dyno'd. This set the PCIII to perfection as far as fuel and air mixture. I guess I could have done this myself. But told by many, if your installing the Power Commander, you should have the bike dyno'd. I'm now running 84hp, 89tq. No popping or back firing. Like Hobbit said, its to set the internal mods of the engine. You don't have to have the bike dyno'd, by if you want to see the results of your mods, I would suggest it.