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    Hi: I am new to the forum and would like some help. I have a 06 Streetbob with 19000 miles on a stock 88 engine. It has developed a vibration that causes my feet t o become numb while riding on the highway, also a knocking sound from the front cylinder. I have an extended warranty and the dealer replaced the front motormount. No help. They now say my front cylinder is leaking somehow, even though there are no visual signs of anything. They are also checking the lower end for problems. The warranty company has approved the work, so all I have to pay is $50. Anyone have somthing like this before? I don't care if they gut the motor , I just want them to fix it right.
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    Glider had a post somewhere about flywheels get out of spec causing a lot of vibration but it was on the 96" motors. Don't know if it a problem on a 88"
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    Not on the 88 engines, it's on the 96 engines.
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    Yes, primary bearing was replaced.

    Front cylinder and piston was replaced, oil pump was replaced due a cracked pressure side gerotor. Still having vibration issue. Harley tech service said it was my foot pegs. The dealer put on stock pegs, still the same. I'm taking it back tomorrow. I asked if it could be in the primary, dealer said no, but without looking, how can they be so sure. They are starting to say it's normal, but I have been riding this bike for 10,000 miles, never had this before.
    By the way, crank runout was .002
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    The front isolator (motor mount) has been the culprit for a lot of vibration issues on the 96 Dynas. Some have separated causing the condition you describe. Most of the issues have come from a factory defect with the islolators.


    As you can see in the pic, the alignment of the old mount is different than the newer version.

    Several owners have shimmed the mounts to fix the problem, other go ahead and replace the isolator for about $100.00.
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    The fact that you had a crack in the oil pump sure indicates to me your run-out was greater than what they told you.
    I would take it to a DIFFERENT speciality shop (and pay) to have the run-out RE-checked by someone who is really "on your side".

    In my opinion, a Dealer will tell you anything to avoid doing the work and will try to make you believe it is "normal".
    I would put money on a bet that you have more run-out than they say.

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    The front mount was replaced at the beginning of this month long event. I asked before about opening up the primary and looking around, the tech said that wasn't the problem. How would he know if he didn't look? Bike is in the shop again. It's under extended warranty, so I don't know why the shop wouldn't do all it can to fix it, it's not their money. I'll let you know when and if it's fixed..
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    I have an 06 Wideglide that was doing the same thing.
    Told the dealer constantly that the vibration was excessive and could they look at the inner primary bearing. They eventually changed it for me after failure (twice)
    The vibration continued until it stopped because all 8 bolts that hold the compensator together came out and destroyed the magnets and the stator windings and put a few nicks on the inner primary case and the crank case.
    Dealer here in Australia fixed it all under "good will" warranty for me even though the bike is 3 years old with no extended warranty arrangement. They know they have a problem with the bolted together unit and will replace it with the welded unit if it fails.
    I would try again to get the dealer to check the compensator. You cannot check these 8 bolts without removing the compensator..
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    thanks, that is exactly what I asked the dealer to do.