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    Hello everyone my name is Tommy and i live outside of St. Louis Mo . I'm 41 - I just got this bike in sept of 2010 - im getting readdy to take it in for its 5000 mile inspection and i have been having issues with it dying . I had the batery tested and they said it was good at two auto zones - they told me to slow charge it all night to get it to have a full charge . is that my problem ya think ? in my lust to get out and enjoy the nice weather i only put 1/2 a charge on it - i thought 50 miles would be enough to charge it - then someone told me i need to be on the highway going at faster speed for the bike to chage itself . i dont know im a plumber - anyone have advice ?
    thanks in advance:D


    so i've been having battery issues. i charged it 50% on 12v 6 amps jumped on started riding thinking it would charge itself `FAIL -it's almost due for it's 5000 mile checkup - twice now when i go to start it if it doesnt catch right away and fire up the starter drains the battery. i took it to autozone they said it wasn't dead and tested it to 325v cranking - my charger has 2 settings one for 12v 2am one for 12 v 6 amp. when its on the 12v2amp setting the needle is burried past the 100% mark - when i switch it 12v6am it drops back to just under 100%. should i charge it at the higher amp to get a full charge on it ? is 12v6amp to much - could i have burned up my electrical system ? thankss in advance for helping this newb out !!
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    Re: 2011 superglide custom dyna

    Hello Tommy, and welcome! Not sure how auto zone tested your battery but I would think you need to load test your battery to make sure it is good. I do know (I think) that your bike's ECM needs somewhere around 9 volts to operate correctly. Do a search on this forum and you will find endless info on the subject. Here's a link for starters:

    Harley Davidson Community

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
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    Re: 2011 superglide custom dyna

    September of 2010 - should be under warranty still, right? When you take it in for the 5K service, explain what's happening in detail and insist they figure it out and make it right. Summer riding season is upon us!
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    I agree with the good Dr. It should be covered under warranty. However, in the future I would suggest purchasing a battery tender/trickle charger to keep your battery charged year round. These batteries will last a long time but they need to have a full charge. The charging system on the bike is meant to keep your battery topped off and at full charge. Not necessarily to charge a weak battery. Keeping the bike plugged in while not in use will greatly increase the life of the battery.

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    I have found Harley batteries (all my small batteries) are Better charged at 2 amps over night.

    Problems CAN happen to the HD charging system if you Over Tax It.
    That is Trying to charge a Known Low Battery using the bikes system to Re-charge it..

    The Harley charging system is good and reliable to KEEP the Charged battery charged...

    I never have had a problem with BURNING up a stator or voltage regulator by running a low battery until it was charged, but the WARNING is there.

    I would suggest similar things others mentioned on another thread on this subject to you, Charge off the bike at a Lower than 6 amps(2 amps best) over night then keep it charged using a trickle charger.

    Your bike is (if) still under warranty? I'd go there Before you do something they (HD) will say Not Covered because you did something wrong.:D

    The LESS they know you did the better in my book.... Just tell them it doesn't hold the charge and they should fix it.:D

    IT May be something OTHER than the battery.

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    thanks for responding to this newb LOL i'm learning - hopefully not the expensive way lol thats for the help !
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    I agree with having the dealer take a look at this. If you have been charging this battery and it will not hold 12.7 volts over night it is gone, chances are slim you have damaged your charging system, but if you push it it can never catch up to an under charged battery like you have now
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    I moved from NH to TX and my 2011 FXDC was on the truck for about a month. Needles to say, I didn't have much of a charge. I also was impatient . . . so I had them charge it until it would start. I was told to keep it over 2500 RPM for the charger to fully work . . . so I rode around for an hour or two. No problems . . . it seemed to be fully charged . . .but this is a new motorcycle and at the time had 11 miles on it - about 1 month ago. Hope it helps . . .

    Mark - Thanks!