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    have an 07 fxdwg that I just put extended hardbags, and a taildragger fender on... NOW, I get a speed wobble from 75-100+ not to mention that dragging pegs and using All of my tire sidewall is out of the question... it just feels like a wet noodle now. I replaced both forks, triple trees, neck bearings, rebuilt lowers with screaming eagle fork oil and seals, and put poly riser bushings, and a new front motor mount in. All items helped a tiny bit, but nothing like it was before the bagger project, still feels loose...tires are good and balanced. one thing is I switched from the Dunlop over to a bridgestone battlax. any other thoughts????
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    I would recheck your neck bearing tension plus wheel alignment front to rear.
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    Do you carry a lot of weight in your bags? I know its not the same bike...but if I pack down the bags and tour pak on my 76flh I'll get some frt end wobble. It gets better if I scoot my weight up towards the tank.
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    Are front and rear tires same manufacture, design and load rating. And is air pressure proper split front to rear while including extra weight from added parts to bike?????

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    Wow, thanks for the input fellas!
    Catain Jack- no ive never seen that before, I have to admit, it was a little hard to follow. But I printed it off to bring out to the garage with me.

    tourbox- could I try to over-tighten the neck bearings a little? maybe 5ft pounds over stock? and for alignment.... the front tire only goes in one way right? not sure how to adjust steering alignment other than the bars and risers. And for the rear tire I just track the belt on the pulley until it runs down the center?!?

    Mrwizz-i think the more weight that is in it, the worse it gets... But for now im running the bags empty or off just to eliminate that possibility of too much weight.

    dbmg- Tires tires tires... that's what ive been hearing from a lot of people lately... I burn up the dunlop rear tire in about 4000 miles. Get about 6-8000 out of the Dunlop 402 front tire... soooo, long story short, I have a half life front 402 and a full life rear battlax. not sure how to split air pressure from front to back. can I over inflate to account for extra weight?

    Thanks again for all the help, I really do appreciate it!! need to get this "WIDE-glide" ready for Sturgis...
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    To help with the rear tire alignment I made the attached tool. Something similar should work for you. Just need something on the long arm that is adjustable, could be a piece of tubing on piano wire, etc. as long as it can hold its position. Mine is a a threaded rod from an earlier project, brass, probably a 4-40 but could be a bit larger. The bend on the short leg helps with insertion.

    On the swingarm about 3" forward of the axle on each side are small holes, about 1/8". Insert the short leg into the hole and adjust the nut so it is centered on the dimple at the end of the axle. Then check the other side and adjust until they agree. This has your rear wheel aligned.

    Then, check the belt tension and adjust the axle forward or backwards, equal number of turns on each side, to get the tension right. Double check with the tool that the distance from the holes to the dimples are the same. Adjust as needed, you have three variables here, and tighten everything down.

    The belt will move from side to side on the pulley, as you accelerate and decelerate. With bad misalignment you will see beginnings of wear on the edges of the belt.

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    Did I read correctly that you have different manufacture tires on the bike? Dunlop front and battlax (?) rear? This in itself could be causing your handling issues. Also have you done a fall away test on the front end?

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    Silverfoxd-thanks for the picture of the tool, pretty sure I can rig something up. I just used a tape measure, but it was tough to eyeball it. I think this is where I'll start...

    HDDon- And if tracking isn't an issue, then I guess a new, matching front tire is in order. The entire front end was replaced by the Harley Dealership. so I would hope that the neckbearing is at the right torque...is that what you mean by a fall away test?

    The Tank- I think I've read almost everything pertaining to my wobble.. the problem im having is that its not really a dyna, and its not really a bagger either... I have a feeling that its related to these bags/weight because it was on rails before the winter project started....

    thanks again for all the help guys!
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