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    1983 flt shovel head starting dumping oil from crankcase vent until oil tank was empty, removed gear cover and found plastic breather gear end washer was in pieces at bottom of gear case. Replaced breather gear and washer with steel ones, lined up timing marks and set end washer clearance at .004 and put every thing back together . I did not fix problem and it still dumped all oil. I started over and made sure all oil lines were routed right and all clear, removed oil filter, oil pump and cleaned and inspected. I can not find anything wrong and hate to put it together until I find something wrong. I have new oil pump kit to install when I get that far. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Harley Davidson Community try this:s Clean the overhead tappet screen also
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    A compression test may be in order as if the gasses from combustion push past the piston rings it will pressurise the crank case and force the oil out through the breather
    Just a thought

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    Good point Brian, I wonder if the oil lines got mixed up Too Tech Tips here it shows the routing for the oil lines
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    how about the checkvalve ball and spring?
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