Dual FM Antenna Switch

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    I am looking for a dual FM antenna switch for my FLHTCU. I want to selecet from the std antenna when the Tour Pac is on OR the hidden antenna (under the Batwing fairing) when it is off. Any ideas where to get one of these?:newsmile047:
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    I bought a "Y" cable, 1 male, 2 female and plugged it into my radio. One end has my hidden tune trapper antenna, the other has my tour pack lead. I like my whip antenna when I'm taking a long trip, cuz I hope it may get more stations.
    The Y cable is cheap, about $6. As long as you have to pay shipping, I recommend getting a male to male (1.5MM ?) cable so you can hook an mp3 to you radio port. They cost about $5.
    Car Radio Antenna (Motorola Connector) Y Splitter Cable - VETCO.NET

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