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  1. ccrider601

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    Just bought adriverbackrest (aftermarket )Piece of (EDITED).Does anyone know of one that looks good w/stock seat.

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  2. Skratch

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    Where did you get it from? I just ordered one from Firehouse Customs that I should get in about a week. Looked good online and somewhat reasonable in price at $150.

    I wasn't prepared to spend $500 - $700 on a new seat so if this is even SOMEWHAT good, I consider it money well spent.

    This is the thread where this backrest was mentioned if its not the one you got.

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  3. dadoubleren

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    I have the Mustang Sport Touring Seat w/ backrest well worth the money only 375 on Dennis Kirk!! It is awesome adds miles to the ride!
  4. softail00

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    My Mustang seat with backrest was worth every penny I spent. Strong sturdy back support that locks up or down or in and out check them out.
  5. Skratch

    Skratch Active Member

    Got my Firehouse Customs backrest today for an 08 Heritage.

    Putting it on is a breeze. Pop the passenger pillon, unscrew the seat, put the backrest on and put it back together. 2 minutes and done. I got the studded rest, fit and finish is good and it goes with bike well.

    My concern was if the backrest was going to push me up closer to the bars. But to my surprise, it took no seat space away. I'm about 6' 1" and just over 200 lbs. The support has enough spring in it so you can keep upright, but kick back a little. When I kicked my feet up on the hwy pegs, I settled in nicely. Big improvement over no rest at all and has made my Heritage MUCH more comfy.

    All in all it looks like it should hold up well. Will keep an eye on the seat screws that hold it in, make sure they don't get loose but...probably a better $173 ($155 for backrest, $18 for shipping) that I've spent recently.

    Oh, and I ordered it on late wednesday night (3/18). I was emailed on Friday (3/20) that it was shipped and I got it Saturday morning (3/21).

    If anyone would like, I'll post pics when I get em.
  6. Clint

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    I'd love to see some pics!

    My wife and I went to a local dealer today, I sat on a bike similar to mine that had a backrest. Interesting!

    Let me know how the ride feels.......:D
  7. Skratch

    Skratch Active Member

    Ride is much improved. I did about 60 miles yestday and another 70 today. So far no complaints. I did notice that one of the seat screws was pretty loose today. I may have to put a lock-washer in. Other than that it works pretty good.

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  8. JustDave

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    how are these things? i am considering one for my 08 heritage. i notice the metal mount bar sticks out a little. does it rub or hit your lower back?
  9. R. Lewis

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    What brand did you buy? Need more info on what your needing!!! Do you want one just for good looks or do you want one that actually works!!???
  10. Skratch

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    So far I like it. With the highway pegs its real easy to kick back and be comfortable. No, the mount doesn't rub least not that I can tell.

    If you're looking for a backrest and don't want to spend hundreds on a new seat, then I highly recommend it. The one I got is studded and it was just over $150 plus shipping. You can get the non-studded one for just over $100.

    Like everything else, one person's treasure is another person's junk. But I'm very happy with this purchase.

    A piece of advice if you do get one, the installation instructions tell you to rock the backrest while tightening (or something like that) to make sure you get the backrest seated good. (there is a little bit of springiness to the backrest so its not so rigid...and to me that was a good thing) But I recommend getting someone to sit on it and lean back slightly to get it good and tight. I think that may help in the seat screws loosening.