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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by 5Pack, Mar 11, 2009.

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    1st, I apologize if this posted somewhere else; but I haven't been able to find it.
    It's annoying and a bit embarrasing riding slowly thru a parking lot and hearing the constant "ssssshhhhhhhh" from the front brakes accompanied by the occasional "chirp-chirp". If i apply a light pressure to the front brakes, the noise stops. And they do not squeal when I use the brakes, either. The only time they act up is when they're not used....
    Is there a easy fix for this, or should I just turn up the radio? Maybe my pipes aren't loud enough?
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    You can take the pads off and rough them up with some sand paper, then clean up the rotors with some emery cloth. Or like you said, just crank it up!!


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    5Pack, the problem is the calipers may be "hanging up" due to dry or gummed up guide pins, or pistons in their bores when the runout of the rotors nudge the pads eventually pushing the pistons into their bores. While astride the motorcycle, have a helper gently hold their hand on the caliper (if dual disks either one first) while you paddle walk the bike forward, if they feel vibration and you hear the drag on that side, check that caliper first.

    Dismount the caliper, inspecting as you work for signs of debris, rust or lack of lubrication in the sliding areas that may be binding including the pins and piston area (clean all loose debris around piston with an old shoe lace) "wobble the pads" or use wood/plastic/fibreglass spudger to wedge rotor/pad open to retract the pistons into the bores slightly so you can remove them. Check the pins, for lack of lube, grooving or wear pattern if removed, that may have worn the hardened contact surfaces, so replace if worn and lube with high temp grease sparingly. When you reassemble there should be much less ssshhh (because HD brakes are not double-action some drag will be heard, but intermittant as rotor runout is very slight).
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    Thanks everybody...
    Poor weather this weekend should allow me the time to do this.