Don't be afraid to turn bolts...

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    There may be posts on this forum somewhere relating to this; but i also wanted to give my testimony.
    I'm sure most of you will be saying something like...."duh! what did you think!!??" But i stopped a transmission leak on my EGC by tightening the allen bolts around the tranny front door cover. i'm probably lucky that stopped the problem.
    Point i'm trying to make is to all you that have your 1st HD (like me) and have been pampered by 4cyl in-line know, the ones that don't get wrenches put on it unless it's a mech doing an annual service....CHECK FOR LOOSE BOLTS/NUTS. I'm no engineer, but i would guess that's the requirement for a 45deg v-twin....along with the beautiful sound comes loose fittings....:)
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    I used to wrench on cars and actually, if you look at what exactly is called for with almost every service interval is "check torque on xxxxx bolts". Bolts loosen up from heating up and cooling down at different rates, vibration all sorts of things. If you have the ability to do so every once in a while, do it. You'll be surprised at what you find!!!

    "Screws fall out all the time. The world's an imperfect place." John Bender from Breakfast Club.
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    Actually, it's a secret plot. Harley bought out the Locktite company some years ago, and has been secretly leaving stuff loose on purpose so folks would buy more Locktite.

    But don't tell anyone.
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    in the late 70s i had a triumph 750 if i was going any distance on the motorway at a constant speed had to stop every 100 miles and tighten up all the engine mount bolts on other roads wasnt a problem
    so i have always carried a tool kit and keep various tubes of locktite in the workshop and tend to use it most of the time

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    Its not the bolts you should be afraid of..Its the NUTS.
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    I agree it's a good idea to check the tightness of stuff. Just be careful. Use a torque wrench (inch/lbs or ft/lbs) and follow the specs in the factory service manual. I have a friend who just went around and tightened up all the bolts on his E-Glide so they were good and tight. He caused numerous leaks! He didn't know anything about torque wrenches or specs! Some of the inch/pound specs are really light. Don't be a gorilla or you will cause more problems than you fix.
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    Nothing worse than a loose nut behind the controls!!!!:lolrolling:lolrolling:lolrolling