Doing a little cam swapping myself.

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    I currently have a 95" build in a 06 Electraglide Standard, HQ 0034's gear drive, Larrys stage1 heads with the grooves, KB flatops, my freind at my dealership e-mailed me and said they had some coop money left over and he could swap my 8 degree injectors for the 25 degree one's at no cost to me other than a tune up on the dyno, so since I needed to replace those fueling junk lifters where one is bleeding down(2nd set also to do this), I decided to do a cam swap to andrews TW37g's, this will be a good test on a comparo of cams I think, I got a awesome deal on the cams $175 to the door, brand new in the box, a guy bought but didn't use, anywho I'll let you know the outcome next week. :)
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    I have those cams in my 05 Ultra Classic and I absolutely love them. Can really feel them kick in.