Does my Ultra Limited have the wrong gauges

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by radar27615, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I am in the process of ordering a Oil Temp gauge for my 2010 Ultra Limited and believe that Harley installed the incorrect oil pressure, air temp., voltmeter and fuel guage. Mine has the Titanium faced speedometer and tachometer with white backlighting but all of the other gauges are the black face with orange backlighting. In determining which Oil Temp gauge I needed, I discovered that all of the gauges should have been the Titanium face. In the 2012 P&A catelog it states that the Titanium face gauges were first featured on the 2010 Ultra Limited. I would appreciate feedback from Ultra Limited owners as to what gauges came on your bikes. My 2010 parts catalog shows part numbers for my bike gauges that matches the 2012 P&A parts catalog for Titanium face gauges.
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    My friend's 2010 Limited has all the guages titanium faced. Did you buy it new?
  3. radar27615

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    I did buy it new in 2010. I always thought it was strange that only the Speed and tach were Titanium faced and not the others. Looks like Harley may have tried to pull a fast one on me!
  4. My Ultra Limited, and every other Limited I've seen, has the Titanium face an all og the guages. I would bring this to the attention of the dealer you bought it from.
    Man, that's a strange deal...
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    My 2010 limited has the titanium gauges, it's one of the upgrades for the limited and advertised that way. The dealer should have noticed this.
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    I think your bike might've been assembled on a Friday before a holiday weekend...:s

    Seriously - all gauges should match & have to wonder if the dealership did some swapping w/another bike for a sale...I'd go back & discuss w/sales manager.
  7. radar27615

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    I talked to dealer today and service manager agreed they definitely should all be Titanium faced gauges. I am taking it in tomorrow so they can take pictures and send to Harley for approval to change out. He did not see any issues and was most helpful. This is not even the dealer that sold me the bike. Kudo's to Ray Price HD in Raleigh.:)
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    That's great news! How about giving the dealer kudos here too. :s

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    GOOD for u/ looks like a slop up at the final assembly, and so much for the PDI:s Why did it take so long for any one to notice would be my next question
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    Now this is the kind of dealer you want to deal with. Great customer service and they are trying to earn your business. I am sure you will end up with favorable results.....:newsmile106: