Does anyone store their bike in house

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  1. ridinmarilyn

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    Ok I wanna store my sportster in my basement for the winter, I measured my door and its about 3-4 inches smaller than the width of my handle bars. Does anyone get their bike though the door? I have to go down 5 steps to get to the doorway so I want to make it a one time try. Also if anyone has to done this is it easier to go forward down the steps or backwards?
  2. Scrounger

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    I've helped a buddy put his bike in the basement but he had a walk out basement with sliders. We just took the second panel off. To go thru that door you have to angle in then lean to get the other bar end thru. I've done it on a level surface, but going doing stairs will not end well for you.

    I promise you will toast your bike and most likely crush someone too.

    I would go thru the front door and use the living room or your home office. :newsmile047:
  3. lorne

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    try to stay away from ANY stairs. i need to get a softail up one big concrete step and not looking forward to it. you will hurt as much as the bike if something goes wrong.

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    You could store your bike like Gunslinger's


    or Allan Jackson...

  5. cyborg

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    I wanted to store my bike in the house for the winter, wife said if the bike come`s in I gota Go.
  6. gunnut

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    Friend of mine wheels his into the front room every winter,gives him something to do in the long winter evenings.His girl friends get the love me love my bike option....3 long term girl friends down,...........more fish in the sea(his words)
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    You're sure going to miss her... :D
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    If I tried to do that, the wife would make me move out with the dog! Ha!!
  9. cowboywildbill

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    We used to do this many years ago with our triumphs and BSA's. I used to take the tank s off and drain and clean them,just to be safer. Of course they were smaller lighter and easier to manuver into a house than Harleys.
    Just make sure there is absolutley no gas in the tank or carb and fuel lines. And no fumes.
    It could be a deadly outcome if not! If there is any Gas in it at all, any vapors that escape will lay to the lowest point in the basement and may find a source of ignition like a furnace or water heater, washing machine ect. And that's not good.
    If your bars are too wide, you may be able to unbolt them and wrap a towel around the tank and lay them at an angle. Usually there is enough play in the cables to get them in line enough to clear a door jamb. Then you can bolt a cut down pair of bars or a piece of the same diameter pipe back in the dog bones or handle bar mounts, that will enable you to steer if and hold it to guide it in the house.
    If you have a really damp basement, Moisture can be a concern also. It can rust things in a few months like slip on's and such. Good luck.
  10. Porter

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    I don't know how steep your steps are. A sportster is relatively light so if you have enough people to help (like 4) you should be able to do it. To me, getting it out of the basement will be worse. I just wonder how you would use the brakes to control it, going down the steps, if the handlebars are off. Also, if your stairs are wooden, you may want to think about how much weight your are willing to load up on the runners. (A sportster and 4 people is a lot for a set of stairs made of wood.) If you drop it once, you are probably looking at $500 in repair. Then there are physical injuries. I would look into other options if I could. The though of a bike peg slamming into my leg on some steps, as it gets away and the forks lock is not appealing to me.