Does anyone change their own tires anymore? I did.

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by EpicCowlick, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. EpicCowlick

    EpicCowlick Member

    It was a bit harder than I expected but got the job done. Four hours over two of the hottest days this summer.

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  2. joel

    joel Junior Member

    Long time ago I removed the rims on my 03 RKC to have new tires put on.
    Later did my brother's rear tire off his Yamaha Midnight Special. It was alott more work. Was able to use the tire machine at my shop but didn't balance it because ths arbor is too big.
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  3. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    Some here on the forum change their own tires or at the very least remove the wheels and take them into a shop for the tire install onto the rims. Some find it easier than others depending on your skill level, tools and equipment needed.
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    I can change the rear on The Trike myself, The Front I have a local shop do for $20.00 carry in my own tire from On Line Shop
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  5. EpicCowlick

    EpicCowlick Member

    It was a bit of a pain until I figured out the "technique". There is some skill to this that only trial and error will uncover. I think the vinyl tubing was a breakthrough and made it much easier. I was so worried about scratching up the rims that I didn't really take any chances.
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  6. coopernicus

    coopernicus Junior Member Contributor

    I do now...after I took wheel in to have tire changed and they pinched the tube. After I did it myself found out they put a straight valve tube in when they charged me for a side valve tube. I will always do it myself now....I don't trust shops.
  7. dolt

    dolt Senior Member

    Better ways to spend my time.;) Pull the wheel/tire, drop it off to the nearby road racer shop with the new tire and out in 30 minutes with a mounted and balanced tire for $20; just to easy compared to a DIY project.o_O
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  8. fin_676

    fin_676 Experienced Member Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    I have always changed my own tyres it got a wee bit harder to break the bead when motorcycle tyres went tubeless my nearest motorcycle shop is 25 miles away by the time I would get there with a wheel the new tyre is already fitted
    I use a large c clamp to break the bead I use rim protectors on the rim and work 3 tyre leavers and a lot of tyre soap
    Motorcycle shop mechanic says I am the only person he knows that changes there own tyres on a large road bike

  9. dbmg

    dbmg Experienced Member

    I second your idea. Though the last time I just took the whole bike in and was charged only $40.00 per wheel on bike...... I purchased tires from Indy and had him install tires and balance.
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  10. EpicCowlick

    EpicCowlick Member

    Yeah, I did it this way because Harley service said they needed $670 to do the job. I got the tires from J&P for $355 shipped to my door. It just seemed like a lot of money to do what looked pretty easy on Youtube. Turns out it wasn't as easy as I thought but still. $300 bucks is $300 bucks. I don't mind trying something new as long as I have confidence I'm not going to screw anything up.
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