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  1. ultraClassik

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    I have an 04 UltraClassic and removed the Tourpack and installed a backrest and purchased the luggage rack, ? where can I buy just 2 mounting pegs for the luggage rack? I already have 6 docking points and need 2 more for the rack!
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    Don't know if this is any help but here's the install for the two up detachable rack, it gives part numbers for mounting points kits, you can get them from any HD Dealer, the dealer can also break down the kits if you just need a part.

    View attachment Rack two up detach roadking-J00704.pdf
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    I have an '03 RKC, with the detachable passenger backrest. I am planning to put on the leather tourpack, with the necesssary 2-up rack. It is obvious that the attachment points are different for the 2-up rack. Anybody have this configuration? What I want to know is, do I have to sacrifice the docking points for the passenger backrest to put on the docking kit for the 2-up rack, or does the 2-up rack actually use the back 2 points for the existing backrest docking setup, and add 2 more, a bit farther back and down?

    The instruction do not make it clear, or I just don't know how to see it properly.

    Rich P