Dobeck's TFI tuner

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    Is anyone out there using the Techlusion on a TBW bike ??
    If so are you having any issues ??

    thanks johnv
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    I'm not but I gotta ask, are you?
  3. johnv50

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    I have one ordered, but I am looking for advice before I install it.
    I spoke with Dobecks and they stated that it would work.

    thanks johnv
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    I installed one on my '08 TC96 UC.

    A little piece of velcro on top of the ECM and underneath the TFI is how I mounted the unit.

    I removed the rear tank bolts and loosened the front ones. Removing the air cleaner, I could reach the fuel injectors by slightly (and carefully) raising the gas tank.

    "Tuning" was per their instructions and took about 5 minutes.

    The bike started and idled well. A bit smoother cruising and slightly cooler engine heat.

    After the first time install, one should be able to install or remove the unit in under 10 minutes.

    As a side note, I've since remove the unit and replaced it with the TTS...just wanted more tuning options.

    Hope that helps.

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    Put one on my 08 RKC and no problems so far i put it next to the fuse box under the left panel in a slot that almost looks like it was made for it so i could tune it easily enough with out taking seat off again.
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    We put one on my neighbors 09 Ultra two weeks ago after installing new slip ons and SE Stage1 air cleaner and download. Dobeck sent him model TFI 1252ST. It was all plug and play with no cutting involved. We removed the gas tank, plugged two TFI plugs into the existing injectors and then with the two stock injector wires which we disconnected we plugged them into the remaining two TFI plugs on their pigtail. They also included a couple of end plugs which have to be plugged into the wiring harness of the front cylinder oxygen sensor and the rear oxygen sensor. They also include 3 zip ties and a piece of velcro to mount the TFI unit beneath the seat. Just so you aren't confused, you will unplug the oxygen sensors completely from the factory wire harness. They are no longer used. We rolled them up and zip tied them out of place. The end plugs they include simply plug back into the other side of the empty harness, kind of like terminators.
    The end result was that it did not harm his mpg any what so ever after 4 tanks of gasoline. He is still getting low 40s. I can tell you that when you crank it on past 4000 rpms, things really start to happen. It reminds me of having a high lift cam in that you can really feel it when it starts to come on the cam and begins to breath real good. It really does provide a big kick in the seat when that extra fuel starts being added. I will say that without the stage one air cleaner I don't think it would be nearly as effective. If you are looking for an extra kick in the seat of the pants at wide open throttle, you won't be disappointed. I asked him what it cost him and he said that since he was a military veteran they only charged him $150.00 plus $9.00 shipping.
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    I have one on my 09 Ultra. No regrets. EZ to install and very effective. Can't beat the company. They are readily avaiable as I found out. I had an issue that turned out to be a HD problem and they helped me trouble shoot. Another nice thing about their product other than it is effective and less expensive than your other choices, it leaves no fingerprint on your ECM. Think about that when there is an waranty issue. HD plainly states if you modify your ECM your waranty is void. They may not (as of yet) enforce this, but if the economic times persist, they might. As far as I know, the TFI is the only fuel management that leaves no fingerprint on your ECM. Ride safe.