Dobeck Air-Fuel Ratio Testing

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    My wife and I just got back from a 6 day ride through Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, returning through Montana Tuesday, this last week.
    Just for fun we decided to stop at the headquarters of Dobeck Performance in Belgrade, not too far from Bozeman on I-90.
    I had not called ahead or anything so I did not know what sort of reception I would get dropping in unannounced. I am pleased to say the greeting and welcome by all was fantastic; especially by Dillon and Chris Shover.

    Chris was very generous with his time, giving me a full facility tour including the assembly area and the shop/dyno room area. Pretty neat.
    Earlier this summer I had installed a replacement EJK which Chris had kindly supplied to replace my failed TFI. It was running fine, but I was interested in fine tuning it.
    Chris suggested a rental SAFR kit. This costs $20 a week to rent plus shipping, and includes all you need to fully test and adjust your air/fuel ratio.
    Once home I got it installed pretty easily, and immediately found that my light accleration ratio was way too lean.

    I called Chris and he gave me a couple of suggestions that really helped. I wound up increasing my yellow and red band settings, as well as reducing the green to yellow transition point setting.
    The result is a huge improvement. The bike runs way better and part-throttle response is greatly improved. All in all well worth the expense and trouble.

    If you are interested in tuning your TFI or EJK, but don't want to rent dyno time or permanently install an AFR, the rental SAFR is a great way to go. The Dobeck site has all the details and a walk through video showing installation on a typical Harley.
    I can't say enough about the customer service from Dobeck. Second to none in my opinion.

    The best,
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    Awesome deal and I bet you're glad the stop @ Dobeck was added to your trip itinerary. Chris is awesome and Dobeck's my #1 tuner choice/recommendation. Other forums (no names mentioned) like to bash them over other tuners (i.e. Power Vision), but for the price, performance & support = Dobeck's my #1.

    Rod, where did your EJK settings end up after the test (curious to compare w/mine)?
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    Good information. That unit could also be used to tune a carbed bike. A little trial and error perhaps on needle position but better than seat of the pants.
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    Great info! Thanks for sharing.