Do you wear a helmet?

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by brderj, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. brderj

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    I found a post that asked this question, but it was from 2006 so I figured we were due. :naughty you wear a helmet, if so what type of helmet do you prefer? I know some states have laws, Colorado does not.

    I wear a helmet when I am in uniform (because I have to), when I'm riding on base (which I hate to do), and when it is very cold outside. Other than that I really don't. It's mostly because of the heat. Same in Iraq, I rarely wear my issued helmet. I've been active duty for going on 11 years now and our helmets are the best right now they have ever been. That helmet, plus gear, plus 120 degree heat...I hate it. Anyway..... the distraction from the heat of the helmet is why I don't wear one. I know full well the reasons I should, I just choose not to. Maybe if I found a good one, that didn't cost as much as my bike, or a half helmet that didn't make my head look like a bubble, I would wear one all the time. So how about you?
  2. Bud White

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    I wear a Helmet i Guess it would be a Half helmet.. We have a helmet law here .. I would wear one anyways people can't drive why take the chance
  3. Zamadan

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    Always wear the half helmet. Will wear the full face- flip up when it gets down to freezing temps. Once in awhile when in Montana or Idaho I will ride around with out one. Kinda feel naked without it now. Heats not to much of a problem when I'm moving but it can be very uncomfortable when stopped at lights. To each thier own I guess as opinions will vary. I really don't like the bubble helmets that make someone look like that Gizmo off of the Flintstones. Think it's Gizmo.
  4. STEVE07

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    I used to take my helmet off in States that it wasn;t mandatory, but a couple years ago I crossed a state line without realizing it,Just daydreaming I guess and about two miles into the state I got $105.00 fine. I just leave it on now.:newsmile058:
  5. 01dynaglide

    01dynaglide Junior Member

    I wear a half. It is the law in GA that you have to wear one.
  6. brderj

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    I have both....I prefer the half when I do wear one. And I agree...people can't drive and there have been some times where I've wondered if I should be wearing one or not.

    On a side note, I make my daughter wear hers when we ride. She wears the helmet, gloves, sunglasses, jacket, and jeans. EVERYTIME! No matter the weather. I, on the other hand, don't. Well except for the jeans part, I can't bring myself to wear shorts and ride. Everytime I wear just a t-shirt and no helmet that little girl calls me on it. EVERYTIME. I'd beat her if she wasn't so dang cute. :)
  7. Crambo

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    It's now law here, I have always worn a helmet but honestly believe YOU should have the freedom to chose whether or not to wear one.
    Half-helmet during the summer, with visor during the winter months, full-face on the highway regardless of the weather.
  8. fatboy29

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    Usually when I ride by myself I will wear a helmet, with others no.
  9. bwalsh22

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    With 2 kids at home, a gorgeous wife and a long life (Lord willing) ahead of me, I wouldn't even dream of riding without a helmet, even though I can in PA. After watching a little of that Jay Leno video posted here, I am seriously contemplating dropping some cash on a full face. Right now I have a 3/4, been wanting a full face for the colder months, but may end up going full all the time. I can bear the heat, as extended stops are rare when I ride.
  10. SledDog

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    Of course! What helmet I wear depends on what I riding that day...

    Because walking away in disgust, beats riding away in an ambulance every time!