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    Does anybody know how to get in contact with the district rep about warranty issues. Specifically i need the the rep to look at and authorize repair of the seat on my 2011 ultra. The leather is coming undone on the left side where the double stich runs down the seat. The dealer took pics and sent to harley and they said it was normal wear/tear,i called the the customer assist line and they also refused to help. This is a terrible way to do business by treating your customers like this.im a tech at a chrysler dealer and we cover stuff all the time that is quote wear/tear as long as the vehicle is within the warranty period.my bike is still within the warranty period and it should be covered period.
    I need the rep that covers the area around davenport,iowa.
    Any help from any of you out there would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try another dealer, your seat is covered. I had 2 seats warrantied on baggers
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    I've seen a rep come into Dubuque Harley-Davidson a couple of times for peoples problems. He'd take the bikes for a ride on the customers problem bike.

    Name is Dave. I had LED moisture problem but that isn't why he was in town. Someone elses bike had a problem. I just asked him when he had a free moment.

    My LED passing lamps were since replaced.
    Treated me well...

    Might take a ride to Dubuque to see if they can help?