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    I have a 2011 Street Glide. The sound system works fine, but i was wondering how to get the track titles to display when playing a cd. At the dealership they had a CD playing that displayed track names. I've tried a store bought CD, burned CD (WMA format) & burned CD (mp3 format). In all cases it only displays, track 1 track 2 etc.
    Thanks for reading & i hope someone has the answer.
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    Sometimes when I would burn a disc, I would have to put something on there manually to show the track names. Lately, I haven't fooled with it because I was only burning discs for my mom & brother & they wouldn't care anyway, so I don't know if by using itunes it would load the names of the tracks.
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    Like Joy said, first off, the CD has to have this feature on it. Doesn't always matter if it is a new CD either, sometimes they have it, and sometimes they don't. Even two CD's of the same exact title may differ, as they could have been burned by different companies for different distributers.
    That being said, I do not have a CD player on the bike, but in my car to get this to work there is a feature called RDS and this has to be activated for the display to show the name of the track.
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    Update your radio software to v8.25 and then use itunes to burn your cd. Create a playlist and put your songs in it. Then select all the songs and convert the id3 tags to ver 2.4. Burn the songs to cd as mp3 and you will be good.

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