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    when i bought my WG used in 04 the rear wheel looked a little "ruff" so i thought no biggy i'll clean it up.......lol then i tried to get my hand in there to wash it then i figured out how the rear wheel had gotten so ruff looking well over the past years i've tried my best to wash it with a rag/soap water and got it looking a hair better......but not "shinny"

    i had some old mirrors that had been sitting in my building for 3 years or so that got a white looking film on them that soap water would not touch so i tried chrome cleaner still they had a film on them .....hmmm i figured i had nothing to loose so i filled the sink with HOTT water and took an soapy S.O.S. pad to them very lightly and WOW they looked great!

    so i thought maybe i can get my rear wheel looking better by this method
    (my wheel is a chrome spoke wheel) so i went to work....it looks new! i can't believe it!if you fall victim to rear wheel neglect try the S.O.S. now i did not rubb very hard i just "polished untill shinny!"

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    Only problem is steel against chromium can turn the chrome mirror finsih shiny but with brushed satin look. I would try jewelers rouge or other type of jewel/chrome polishes because they are not as aggressive as steel wool even if fresh and soapy, ...but glad it worked for you. I tried it early on on a "remote chrome area (the jiffy stand tang underside and it was too aggressive and tiny scratches were visible with my feeble near sighted vision. JMHO.
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    This is definatly a job for Never Dull. My 07 RKC has spoked wheels also, and even though it took an hour or so on each wheel, the effort was worth it. Getting at all the spokes was a pain, having to jam my hand in places it wasn't made to go. and a clean up with a microfiber towel finished it off. A lift really helps too, not having to keep moving the bike. I beleive the Never Dull helps protect the finish some too. SOS will certainly do the trick, but the rust/crud will come back soon, unless you waxed right away.
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    Have you ever tried Simichrome. I use it on stubborn spots and for the most part it does a very good job. Helps protect the part from further deterioration also. It does take a little elbow grease, however a little tube goes a long way.

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    believe it or not gator i tried it on my wheel with no luck but yes it is some good stuff no doubt