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    Just to let you know, it is not only cages that can be total dirt bags. Coming home last night (in my truck) there is a total dirt bag in front of me in the left (passing lane). He is on a white Ultra Classic. He is going status with the traffic in the other two lanes. At first, no big deal but it soon became apparent this guy was absolutely being a jerk. I backed off out of respect and I was in no hurry. Soon after he had a caravan of people behind him and was going up and down with whatever speed to hold up traffic. A car finally had an opening to go around him in the slow lane just to see the bike speed up to cut him off again. He proceeded the throw up the middle finger and hold people up again. Eventually he had no way to prevent people from going around him, one cager which cut back right infront of him and braked hard momentarily. This is how road rage happens and if your on a bike you will lose if you mess with the wrong person.... who may be as big of jerk as this guy is. I eventually went around him and he was laughing as if he really was thinking he was cool. I just shook my head. What a dirt bag. Makes us all look bad. :(
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    I really don't have a clue what point he was trying to make. Just being a jerk for the fun of it I guess. Good way to get yourself hurt or killed.
  3. futurerider

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    Jerks come in all sizes and sahpes. They also ride bikes, drive cars & trucks, A jerk is a jerk on a bike or in a car. Best to avoid them.
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    Don't get me started on the subject of riders who want to act like bad bikers. They forget that making somebody mad can result in an incident and it will not matter whose fault it was, the biker loses. Many years ago when the Hell's Angels were big news I commented that if people ever got tired of them they wouldn't last a week. Anybody on a bike is very vulnerable on the road.

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    That's too bad. No matter what, there's always a handful of dirtbags. I love living 30 miles from Sturgis except for the fact that it is the worst time to ride around the Black Hills is during the rally. Odds are....more folks, more dirtbags. Locals get PO'd and start driving their cars more offensively and lots of bikers get dead. Wife and I are headed for Moab, UT. We're getting out of town for a few days....better chance of living.
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    What goes around comes around.One day he is going to to that to the wrong person and bad things are going to happen.People are more aggressive on the road these days and you never know who might be carrying!
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    It makes me wonder what's going on in someones head acting like that. Around here if you act like that to much some old farmer will take you to task on some back road somewhere.
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    People get road rage easy now. Have you ever noticed when its a beautiful day and you just want to cruise at the speed limit people get EDITcause your not going as fast as they want to go. It seems that everyone speeds now unless there is a cop around. If you are traveling right at the limit, you"d be surprised at how many people pass you. They pass at inapropriate times. They pass you in the slow lane. they dont care. This guy will be lying in a ditch befr too long.

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    Like the old saying, "Don't take a knife to a gun fight". That guy is not only a jerk, he's a dumb jerk. Making a bunch of people driving cars and trucks mad at ya while you are riding asking for real trouble. Guess it takes all kinds?
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    If you're traveling down the road and you are going right at the speed limit and there is a line of cars backed up behind you and passing you at every chance take that as a clue. Move over! It's a fact. 90% of people travel 4-7 mph over the speed limit. Are they speeding? Yes. Are they breaking the law? Yes. If you want to play "traffic control" you're going to be in a ditch with a white ultra.

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