Devil Dawg Custom Cycles (Chantilly, VA)

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    Has anyone had the misfortune to have work done at #devildawg custom cycles in Chantilly VA?

    They did work on my bike about a month ago and I have had nothing but issues with my bike since I got it back:

    Battery/electrical issues
    Missing bolts on the starter
    Missing derby cover bolt
    Missing fairing bolts
    Broken fairing mounting piece
    Non-operating accessory plug
    The charge for, and assistance of it taking, 2 hours to remove and replace the front fairing (I missed this in the review of the bill before I paid it.)

    That's the list so far.

    I spoke to the tech 3 weeks ago and he promised that he and the owner would look into things. I have called, emailed and left messages and no one called or contacted me.

    Now the new service writer is basically telling me to sue because they are not going to do a thing AND he said there is no way I would win a lawsuit.

    So, has anyone had success in dealing with Devil Dawg lately?
  2. glider

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    Contact the attorney general in your state. I have had good results (refund) when they went to bat for me and it didn't cost anything.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    And file a complaint with the BBB hopefully they are a member
  4. Scrounger

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    Like others have said, contact the state attorney general, BBB, local TV or newspaper that may have one of those on your side reporters, and contact the local small business association (they sometimes have a complaint resolution contact at the BBB just for their area). Keep cool and technical and I bet you will get great results.

    Having a boat load of HD Forum folks calling the dealer might be a last resort. :D
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