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    We're looking for a windshield idea for our Deuce. The quick disconnect feature is a must-have. Want one that looks decent and affords reasonable protection. Hopefully there is one out there that fits the bill. We'd like to see some pics of windshields that have been installed on Deuces and to get some feedback on them. I only want to buy a w/shield once so your pics and advice will be of great help. Or if you have one to sell, send the particulars.

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    Doesn't HD make one for your bike?

    Or are you looking for an aftermarket one?
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    I know I am a bit late here, but I have the HD version with the quick release. I am pretty sure I have the mid-size, I will have to check it out later for you to confirm.

    I believe with the quick release hardware it was around $340. I am 5'7" and the mid size fits me fine. I can slouch down to hide behind it or sit straight to see over the top.

    I originally thought I wanted the compact size and my great friends all advised against it; they informed me that the compacts would not be practical or comfortable, and I believe they steered me right. :s

    BTW, I love my deuce, but get ready for the quote, "Fits all models except FXSTD/I". It is generally hard to find a lot of the extras available for the other models or to get accessories that don't take away from the bikes appearance too much.

    I looked and looked for saddle bags in the beginning and finally decided that I would go with a bag that would fit on the sissy bar rather than the traditional bags due to the fact that I could not find a set of bags that would be practical for a reasonable price and that I just did not like the looks of bags on the deuce. Most of my riding is local too however so I have been able to manage okay.

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    Your reply is perfectly in time! I am the King of Procrastinators (or would be if I had sent in the paperwork on time!) And that is the kind of input I am looking for. As for the quote, I was thinking of the name : "The Exception!" for my bike! Right now I am using the little slip-on bag over the backrest for local trips, and it does fine. Found a company that sells leather backrest laggage that 'looks' pretty nice in the pics and the prices are very reasonable. Might give them a trry for some overnight storage.
    Thanks for your input!