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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by unwwwired, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I have an '09 RK whose windshield has just been replaced because of 4 cracks that started out from the bolt-holes. I was just wondering - before I put the new one on - what are those little springy loops like finger holes for? They don't seem like they do much.
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    I have a 09 RK classic and I wondered the same thing. They really don't hold onto anything. They don't help spread apart the mounting frame when yer try'n to line it up with the gromets, and if ya do tug on em then ya need to bend them back down !! Nonetheless (i think thats one word) I was washing the bike one day when i finished up with the windshield and then proceeded to mount it back on the bike. Quick check for any spots i missed and ...PHONE CALL !!!... (she said c'mon over :) anywhoo.. I suited up and headed out the driveway and decided to stop at the mailbox. When i stopped the windshield tipped forward !! and my eyes popped !! Geeses !!! Well lucky me them little do-nothing wire loop things stopped the shield from falling off the bike and onto my fender. :ap I wonder if they come in chrome ?
    Glad I was going slow. Good thing I decided to check the mail.
    Thanks fer readin my little story... SC

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    I noticed those little loop springs, they seem to help line up the assembly when mounting, near as I could tell...when helping a friend mount one on his 2005 Springer. That would be an interesting reason to have them (to keep the screen from falling off...!). Since he no longer has the bike around, I can't really check it out...:15:
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    If you are describing the wire spring retainers that pop down behind the top grommets, they are retainers. You must live where there isn't much wind. I had my windshield start to remove itself twice when stopped with a strong, gusty tail wind. I had to bend those retainers so they would "latch" behind the grommets, now no more spontaneous windshield top grommet unlatching. If you are describing something else, I haven't a clue.
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    My original windshield on my '04 RK lasted four years before it started stress cracking at the bolt holes...replaced it with another HD one and only got one year out of the new one before it started the same thing...bought a Memphis shades and so far so good, a much better quality windshield,all the bolt holes come with little bushings in the holes to prevent the stress cracks...about like everything else with HD in the last couple years...Quality of thier products is not top priority with MoCo!
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    got stress cracks in my 08 rkc and my 98 fatboy the fb had been replaced at some time with memphis shades and it cracked too .. i hear 2-4 years from most people when you should expect one to crack ... on the RKC the loops dont do much but on the fat boy they lock the shield in place