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    My local dealers demo days was this past Saturday , huge crowd , all the bikes came down from Milwaukee from the factory . The 1st one I rode was the street glide , very nice , I can see now how you could ride one all day and not be tired , very smooth but yes they do shake at the stop signs lol . Took a little getting use to the toe and heel shifting but to everyone that has the SG or RG very sweet ride . Next I rode the dyna streetbob , not for me it was rough riding even when up to speed and didn't like the mid-controls at all . Next was the softail cross bones , didn't care for the seat or the spring front end that's just me . Last was the softail convetible , probably my favorite one , other then the price very nice bike . Anyone that has never rode a Harley I highly suggest riding different models in the different families you will soon figure out which one you don't want to buy . One other quick note , since these were factory bikes they had the factory oils in them and after I switched to spectro in my tranny I couldn't believe the difference in mine and these bikes , big clunk in shifting and I had trouble finding nuetral in a couple of them , if you haven't switched to synthetic yet do !
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    I know last summer i had fun at demo days......