Deluxe? Why?

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Lucy, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Lucy

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    For me, I was always drawn to the nastalgic look. The Heritage Classic was out of reach for me at 5'3". I rode a Sporty until Lake Ozark Harley Davidson suggested a Deluxe based on the bikes I was drawn to on the floor. They had one in the back and I was hooked. My husband even found one that had been lowered. It fits me perfectly and has the look I wanted. What about you? Why the Deluxe?
  2. biscuit

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    It looks 'right'.I know that's a general and massive statement,but it's true.
    It's not pretentious like those massive Cruisers;it's not common like those Fatboys(in fact the Deluxe is quite rare in my part of the World)and they dont have those ugly battery boxes on the side like some of those nasty Dyna's.And Sporties;well we wont even MENTION them! Sorry boys.-Send hate mail later.:D

    I have a two-tone model with the smooth profile rims.The bike looks Retro,but with a flowing style that speaks of refinement and elegance-yeah,i KNOW it's a Harley and those are somewhat disparate terms and seemingly contradictory;but it is what it is.

    When you remove that stupid pillion seat it looks even better,older and smarter,-i've been asked how long it took to restore the bike.And when i fit my Q-D Windshield,it looks even more "righter"!(don't think that's a word but it fits a Deluxe)

    Back in '08 i was set to buy an FXCW.As soon as i saw a Deluxe,i was smitten.

    Truly,love at first sight.
  3. Animal

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    I've been riding for a very long time and sure wish the Deluxe was around when I was younger. I'm hooked on my ultra now with the sound system and cruise control and all but I've test rode the Deluxe a few times and want my wife to get one so I can ride it. The Deluxe is by far the best handling Harley I have ever rode, it just about rides itself. Well balanced, low to the ground, low centre of gravity and comfortable to ride. Love It!
  4. dbmg

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    From experience there is nothing like a heavy bike. The seat time spent on the Deluxe would be longer and much more enjoyable. I bet you are riding more than you ever thought.
    Remember someday you will own a bagger....:s
  5. Lucy

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    I ride a lot more now than when I had the Sporty. There is no comparison in comfort or handling.
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  7. doctordoug

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    I have an 09 Deluxe in antique white and deep torquoise. I think it is the bike that all are measured against. It has the styling that no other model has. The look of the Deluxe to even the Heritage can't be compared. No other bike has all the styling cues of the Deluxe and with certain MoCo additions you can even improve the look. I have also been asked how long it took to restore. People appreciate timeless beauty, just ask Sophia Loren. Showing my age! I will post some pictures later that show the modifications I have done and why I love this bike so much. The handling is good for such a heavy bike but certainly not up to my Ducati. Overall I find it to be the easiest motorcycle to ride smoothly I have ever had. Do I like it? You bet I do.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Yep, but I always said some day I will own a Dyna, sure do miss my Baggers:p 92 FLHS the best bike I owned I wonder where it is?
  9. FLSTNI06

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    I thank God for introducing me to my 06 Deluxe. I drove 6 1/2 hours to go look at another bike I was interested in. It turned out it wasn't what I was looking for at all. I looked at over 350 bikes that day and things were looking pretty grim. Just about the time I was going to call it quits my buddy said "hey man, what’s that over there in that corner." There she was… love at first sight, haha. Of course I had to take her for a test drive before signing a contract though. I literally rode for over an hour in the sleet and freezing rain. When the rep. asked me if it really took me that long to decide I said "nope, it just took me that long to get off."

    I truly enjoy riding that thing and love the style it offers. I had no idea I would go that route, but I’m sure glad I did! :newsmile01:
  10. dbmg

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    This is why it is always best to really think out your purchase when buying a Harley. It only adds to the considerable amount of enjoyment while having more seat time...