Decisions-Dyna, Softtail,Sporster,Touring??

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Terry Jackson, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Terry Jackson

    Terry Jackson Member

    Is there anywhere that you can find the difference in handling, ride, performance, nimbleness, etc., between the models?

    I have a pair of Sportsters, but they are not good for long distance. I will trade up for something, but I still like my handling. The Harley web site is no help at all.

    I would like something that handles well, nimble, rides well, and doesn't vibrate your teeth out at 70 mph, and will do well on the dragons tail.
  2. walt5162

    walt5162 Active Member

    The Road King Classic!.... bike does it all!
  3. Bud White

    Bud White Well-Known Member Retired Moderators

    for long range ya want a touring they dont shake much over idle they scoot fairly well and handle good not like a sportster or crotch rocket but they arent made for that..

    I guess ya could get a vrod and turn it into a bagger
  4. slk53

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    You have a lot of options. I had a sporty and then got a 206 Heritage Classic, because I liked the looks and it was the most comfortable bike for me. Two summers ago I drove it cross country to Oregon, from Boston, and my wife and I rode back together. The bike performed flawlessly.

    I like the fact that I can take off the windshield easily, good for long trips or short rides, handles really well, cool looking bags.

    Having said all that, after the cross country ride, my wife wants an Ultra. Not sure I can give up the Heritage after all these great miles, but it is a small price to pay to have a happy wife that wants to tour.
  5. R. Lewis

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    Are you doing mostly 2-up riding or just yourself,long trips or "around home"??
    I like my Ultra for the Mrs. and I but I do like the looks of the Heritage!! As mentioned already -- go to a dealer and rent a couple of your choices.
  6. M' one.

    M' one. Active Member

    So why do you ride a Harley? :D:D:D I have to go with Hobbit, go to a dealer and test ride as many as you can for as long as you can until you find one that suits your requirments and riding style.
  7. chrishdguy

    chrishdguy Member

    If it were my situation, I would keep at least one of the Sportsters. The XL is an awesome bike IMO, and I think it's a great bike to have for around town and even little jaunts here and there.

    As for the touring aspect, I would say that the Heritage Softail Classic or a touring bike is in order. You will get the storage space to go long distance and the comfort needed for two up riding.

    The Softail is great due to the fact that it has the lower seat height so it is not top heavy, plus is has the counter balanced motor which means no vibration. Also, the bags, backrest, and windshield are standard options.

    I think though, that if you look at a Road King Classic or the Street Glide you will not be dissapointed either. Got to love the air ride suspension and cruise!!
  8. TQuentin1

    TQuentin1 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    At many dealerships now you can rent bikes. I suggest getting your candidates down to the short list by looking, feeling, and test riding the many down to the three or four that you REALLY like. Then rent each of them for the weekend. Will take a month or two to do all of this, but by the time you have test ridden and then weekend ridden the few, you should know THE ONE!!

  9. Mainah

    Mainah Junior Member

    Like many of the "old hands" here said. Try each bike. I would suggest going to a Harley Demo Day, you can get a list from the Harley Davidson web site here. After you tentatively decide you may want to rent for a day or two to really get a feel for the bike.

    I started on a 73 Sporty, moved up to a 92 Heritage and now have an 06 Road Glide. As someone said the bike I have right now has always been the best bike I ever had. Do your homework and be sure the bike you get is the right one for you at the moment, but be advised "the right bike" may change from time to time.

    Whatever you decide, get out there and ride the tires off it. Which ever one you get, you will be in good company.
  10. garlab1

    garlab1 Member

    I really like my 05 wide glide, it handles very well, I recently rode it to Daytona and back the same day (over 500 miles) with my wife on the back, crusied at 75 all the way and hit 85mph couple times with no uncomfortable vibration, not the most comfortable bike for long haul, I recently put a new seat on it which made a huge difference, stock seat was really uncomfortable for my wife and me, I would like to buy a bigger bike for the road trips since my wife is really getting into riding, the passenger foot pegs sit high, makes it cramped for taller passengers to ride.