Dealers repair or Mine ?

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  1. cowjammer

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    I recently bought a R.K. from the Dealer. I havent even made the first payment and I found the Tank lining coming off. I found this cuz the petcock was only finger tight and when I pulled it I seen the liner had almost completely plugged up the screen. My Question is should the Dealer fix this under the Warranty ? And if they do what financial responsibility is mine ? Some obviously had the petcock out for one reason or the other. I'll take my answers off the Air. L.O.L. Thx, Rotten
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    I would think the dealer would want to take care of their customer. Though something like this would not show up on a used bike check up you would think they would have found the loose petcock. I think they owe it to you...
  3. cowjammer

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    Yea, I think they would also. I havent stopped by to ask yet that's coming tomorrow Cuz I gotta ride to work. My Cage seemed to want a Vacation from the 107 degree days. I'll keep you up on the Ole song and Dance!
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    You didn't say what year the RK is and if it is used did you buy it as is? Most dealers want to keep their customers happy, but as was said before this is probably not something that would be seen during the dealer inspection. If the petcock was not leaking and the bike was running well I doubt the tech would even think to look at the screen on the petcock. That being said if you approach the dealer with your problem with an open mind and friendly manner you may get the service your looking for. A hand shake and a smile goes a long way when you want to get something done.
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    By reading your initial post, it seems likely to me the petcock was removed by the dealer due to being clogged. They didn't tighten it properly when reassembling it. So they probably knew about the liner. Warranty or not, if they knew of an existing problem and did not disclose it, they should fix it. Since this is not the first used bike they've sold, there is probably something in fine print that you signed that will get them off the hook.
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    This is something the dealer should cover without blinking an eye.
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    Now you get to find out if the they are a stand up dealer :s

    Good Luck, hope they take care of you
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Best of luck, they should hook u up if they want to save face:D

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    One would HOPE the dealer would make good on the deal. It is likely they knew about it and had the inlet filter/sock unclogged before...could even have been the reason why the original owner sold the bike, having problems with it.
  10. cowjammer

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    Well, They took it in right away ! But that left me with no wheels. So I called my Daughter and asked to borrow her sporty I gave her and I was Off to the races. They told me they should have an answer to the problem by the 5th. I'm going down there here in a short today cuz they have a band and a bike giveaway going on to kick off a rally up north. I already told them I'd stop in an bust there chops about it.Yea I forgot to mention that its an 2005 R.K. custom.I love the ride I dig it! Its a whole new animal from my 89.


    Well I didnt win the bike. But they had all the bikes in for repairs sitting out so I got to visit mine. And I'm a wondering WHY they had to have it Thursday but they aren't working on it till Tues. I could of road id instead of my Daughters Sporty with the cute License plate on it ! Got me to feeling a little creamy after the 25Th insult !
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