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    3 trips to the dealer and they can not feel what I am experiencing on my 2001 UC. Here is a good one for Mr. fix it. Right around 66-70 miles per hour on the speedo the bike seems to pull back a little. What I mean by this is that it seems like the brakes are being applied type of feeling and as the speed goes up or down the bike smooths out or seems to gain a momentum again. Put some Lucas fuel injector cleaner and it helped a little bit but has not eliminated the problem. The bike has 42K on it. Another way of describing the situation is the feeling when a semi passes you on the other side of the road. I talked to the HD tech and he said to see if there is a drop in rpms when this 66-70 thing happens. No drop in rpms. This problem has been an issue for about a year now. Never had a bike that did not like to be ridden in this range. This is one of those it hurts here doc and they take some xrays and say your fine and you die a week later. Just thought I would put this out there and maybe someone might hit on something.
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    42,000 miles? When was the last time the fuel filter was changed? Ever?
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    When you go above the window (66-70 mph) is everything OK. Can you cruise at say 77 mph without this breathing or surging of the engine?
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    Any other modifacations done to your bike?
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    Do it have a smooth idle or do the rpm go up and down? When was the plugs last changed? +1 on fuel filter.
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    Are you using cruise control or manual throttle? If on cruise, you may have a cruise irregularity and the engine is fine.
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    Yes everything is good at that speed.

    Just a stage one kit was put on when I got the bike new.

    I am not using cruise. This makes the bike act worse.

    Plugs changed at 40K but I am going to have the fuel filter changed. HD mech said I would be wasting my money because the bike runs fine. Next time I make an appointment I am going to insist on having that changed including the hoses. It has a smooth idle by the way. RPM is steady even when the issue is happening.

    No codes.
    Dealer checked for codes first thing.

    Going to get this done next. HD tech said it is not the fuel filter because it is doing it in just one speed range and it would not have the pickup on taking off from a dead stop that it has. I think I will just insist that they replace it in the fall. I think they HD are sick of me bringing this bike in with a phantom problem.
    To bad so sad HD fix and change the fuel filter.
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    You might try sweeping the Throttle position sensor using a quality multimeter. You could sweep the output using a voltmeter or sweep it disconnected using an ohm meter. The built in diagnostics won't catch this type of fault unless it is really bad so don't depend on them.

    Look very close for a flat spot, dip or any irregularity. It should track with precision. While your there just see if the reference voltage is nice and solid.