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    I have a 2007 Ultra Classis Patriot model. I bought the bike new. While having multiple summer thunder storms I let it set in garage for eight days last year with out starting. On day nine when I went to go to work the batter was dead. My dealer tells me it was a dead cell and replaces the battery under warranty. Three months latter basically same scenario; this time the dealer keeps the bike overnight and does a charge on the battery and a diagnostic on the charging system. They tell me all is well with the battery and charging system. They tell me that big touring bike with lots of electronics draw more juice sitting still. They suggest that I get a battery tender. I get one, install it, and works well when I keep it plugged in daily.

    During this summer I had left the tender unplugged for four days. I needed to move the bike for a hurricane evacuation and it was dead again. When I got to my evacuation destination I took the bike to a dealer who charged the battery and did a diagnostic on the charting system. Again with a different dealer he said “Battery and charging system looks good”…. , we don’t see any problems. With the tender plugged in daily I am good to go. However, after the bike not being plugging in for three days last week, the tender has yet to bring my hog back to life after being charging on the tender for four days.

    The horn won’t even toot, or the lights come on… All I get is the green neutral and oil light. I'm starting to get aggravated. What do you think? This is my first touring model. Is this a HD touring issue or an isolated one? Please advise.
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    You mention you have an 07 but your avatar area states an 06.

    In any event, have you checked the condition of the battery terminals themselves? A bad connection here would give you the indication of a bad battery also. Remove them wire brush them and the terminals too and replace them. Remove the negative first and install it last.

    The tender is used to keep a charged battery at the proper level but the output is so low that it may burn it out trying to charge a dead battery. Have you checked the inline fuse in the tender to see if it is burnt out?
    You have a draw in the bike somewhere that is causing the battery to run down barring another bad battery. You may want to try removing the accessory fuse and other fuses one at a time and testing it over a few days with the fuse removed to see if it goes dead to see which circuit the draw is in and go from there.
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    You might want to verify the charging system test yourself, particularly the VR backfeed (step #2 below). Here is some info on testing the charging system:

    Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community

    While you have the battery terminals disconnected to clean them as Glider suggests above, make sure everything is off, and put an ammeter in series with the positive terminal (negative connected). If you have any significant draw, there is something pulling on the battery even with everything off.

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    Thanks. I'll check it tonight.