Daytona Biketoberfest "BUST"

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Slapp, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Slapp

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    Rode down to Biketoberfest and it seemed like a bust to me, Hit Destination Daytona (DD), the track, Downtown and the Broken Spoke and all seemed slow and un-eventfull. My guess is the economy has everyone in a tail spin on where and what to spend their money on these days. The crowds where down and yet everyone except DD and the track wanted to charge you to park your bike. I actually saw one place that wanted ten bucks to park a bike, and yet the folks where complaining how little the crowds where. I just don't get the logic. I guess I will give bike week a try in March if it doesn't get more exciting I will have to start taking vacations elsewhere.
  2. Grillfish

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    I was at Destination Daytona on Friday and it was packed (can't compare to Bike Week ofcourse). All vendors seemed very busy putting on tuners, exhaust, etc.. There were 6-7 bikes deep for Thundermax install.

    The local news said they estimated the crowds more than last year. It's was hard to beat the weather.
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    We go almost every year and there were many more people there this year than last. Main street Friday night was almost just as packed as Bike Week. We paid $5 per bike for parking at the city lots next to Main street with re-entry.

    The weather was beautiful!
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    The Speedway/Track area is not really the place to be during October-Fest. Too much set-up time for just 3 days. Save that for week long Bike-Week.

    Beach Street was Cooking. Main street was Cooking. The Loop was Cooking. A-1-A was Cooking. The Lake-Monroe car Show was Cooking.. I saw MANY more bikes than last year and the weather was Absolutely Picture Perfect. Considering the economical state of affairs, I thought it was Out-Standing....

    I was down for the entire week and only paid $5 one time for parking and that was by choice because I did not want to walk a block to my bike. That was at the "Air Show" on the MainStreet Boardwalk...

    The market share for HD had to be 85%...

    The first time I was involved in October-Fest I went to all the wrong places.
    Event calendars help. :)
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    it seems like everyone I talked to said this year was better then the last few years. I'm glad everyone had a good time and made it home safe.
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    My goodness, a list of all the "wrong places" would be nice to have before going next year. I like air shows.:s

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    Sorry you felt that way. This was my third year and it was the best so far. Perfect weather, good friends, food, and music.

    Crowds were up from last year but manageable everywhere we went except Main Street Friday and Saturday nights.
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    What/ if any thing I think it gets better every year, Guess He should have come to THE BRUNCH:p
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    Seems like everywhere I went the crowds were up. Saturday night main st. was the ususal zoo, and the weather could not have been better. Just getting past the Iron Horse and Broken Spoke took a lot of time and the crowds as far out as White Eagle and Finns in Flagler Beach were large and partying hard!!! The brunch was a definite highlight of the week. For everyone who could not be there don't worry, we talked about you.