Day Ride Out Of Vegas?

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by Dr. Dolittle, May 12, 2009.

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    Since the dealer won't answer my email I'll post the question here. What's a good day ride out of the Vegas area? I'll be on a rental so it'll have to be around a 5 hour ride to allow for rest breaks and get the bike back before closing. I've already been to "the dam" by car so I don't really want to go in that direction.

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    Red Rock Canyon

    I could be wrong but I believe if you rent for a whole day it is for a 24 hour period which means if you pick it up at 10 am one day it doesn.t have to be back till 10am the next day.

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    Dr., we are going to las vegas in sept. And plan on doing a day trip as well. Las vegas hd offers bike rentals for a 24 hr. Period. They also do a 4 hr. Rental as well. The cost for a 24 hr. Rental is $196.01 which includes two helmets and unlimited mileage. I would suggest going to the lvhd site as they do have some suggestions for trips. You can also call them at 1-877-571-7174
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    Check out Henderson HD (Nevada, Henderson, Harley-Davidson, Buell, motorcycles, dealer, Henderson Harley-Davidson). I don't know if they supply helmets as we took our own since we drove down there by car. They do offer a discount for HOG members, the rental prices were for 24 hours and they were a bit cheaper than Las Vegas HD in the first place. They do offer other discounts so ask about them. I think it ended up costing me about $110 a day plus taxes. The bike I rented was a new Ultra Classic. It had stage 1 and only had about 4K miles on it. I rented the bike for 5 days. There was a $1000 deposit.

    Good people at Henderson HD. I'd happily rent from them again.

    If you're renting during the summer take a ride up to Mount Charleston. It can be 30 degrees cooler up there in the park. We used to go up there quite a bit to escape the heat.
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    It all depends on what you would like to do .

    1. You could go out through red rock canyon & stop @ Bonnie springs it is only a 25 to 30 min ride through red rock but bonnie springs is a nice place to visit it is a old west type setting with a petting zoo & bar that serves food , from there you can ride up to Mt Springs Saloon a biker friendly bar , about 20 min or so from red rock .

    2. if you have the bikes for a 24 hour rental you could
    A. Go to Goodsprings to the Pioneer saloon a very biker friendly bar that has a lot of history & has good bands on Fri ,Sat, Sun afternoons . From there you could take a nice ride into Sandy valley & go to the Idle Spur saloon , a nice ride over the pass but you have to come back the same way .

    3. After leaving the Good Spring area you could head back to I-15 & go south to the Nipton exit ( about 20 min ) & head east to Nipton California , there is a small tavern store there with a B&B and the tavern has some great Burgers .

    4. Then you could head east from Nipton to Searchlight NV & get a $1 beer @ Teribble Herbs ( be sure to check out the juke box only 30 in the world like it ) .

    5. Atfter searchlight you can head north towards Las vegas , if you have enough time you could head to Boulder City , there is a great brew pub there & plenty of places to grab a bite , the Backstop Bar is a good place to stop , no food but cheap drinks .

    6. You could also take the ride through Lake Mead towards the town of Overton , about 1/2 the road has been resurfaced & it has some nice curves & views , from there you could go to the Valley Of Fire state park .

    7. The ride to Laughlin-Bullhead city area is kinda boring even though you could stop in searchlight for a $1 beer . You have to go that way to Overton unless you go the Kingman route which is just as boring . Overton is a nice little tourist trap but you should enjoy it . If you came from Bullhead city to Oatman you should leave On old route 66 towards Kingman ( make sure you have a camera ) it has some awesome views , if you have time you could go to the HD dealer in Kingman AZ & check it out . You can reverse this trip if you would like to , either way it is a good ride , I like going to Kingman first & stopping @ Rosies resturant for breakfast .

    I spend 6 months a year in Las Vegas . The rides I suggested are very enjoyable & you should not be disappointed . But I would recommend renting the bike for 2 days & making sure your camera is ready . Enjoy your trip & ride safe !!
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    I appreciate all the suggestions. However, I arrive late on a Monday night and leave early on a Wednesday morning so a multi day or even a 24 hour rental won't work. I need to pick it up right when they open Tuesday morning and have it back before they close so I can get the shuttle back to my hotel and get to bed early.
  7. DDogg

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    Boy does that sound good. My dad lives in Vegas, fly out and ride how cool. Thanks for the info. I wanted to ride out but 2100 one way. Has anyone else done a 4200 mile round trip ride.
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    We take at least one big trip per year.. average 3500-4500 miles. Our riding buddies, another couple have been gone as long as 3 weeks and 8,500 miles is the longest trip they have taken.
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    Valley of Fire State Park could be a nice ride. It's about an hour outside of Vegas, and is really nice. There's all sorts of sandstone ancient Indian writings. If you ride all the way through the park, you can do a loop that goes to the lake. There's also a nice visitor center, and multiple picnic areas.
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    I agree Go to up beside Lake Mead and cross over thru The Valley of Fire back towards Vegas. Well out that way might as well
    see The Hoover dam AAA+