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    Dallas/Fort Worth to Sturgis-We have the RV & Bike Trailer!
    My wife and I are looking for another couple to go with us. We have reservations for a really nice RV park just outside of Sturgis. The date we are leaving is July 31st after work and will arrive at Sturgis on Thursday August 2nd. We will head back home on the 5th or 6th. We've been told by many locals that it is good to come early since most of the bikers are there and the vendors etc... are open.

    We looked into many options before deciding on this one. Hotels in Sturgis $1,000 for 3 nights and Rapid City $600 for 3 nights, flying $650, renting bikes $200 a day, etc...

    We decided this would be the funnest way to go to Sturgis as well as economical. The costs look very reasonable, here is what we have. We are renting a 35 foot very nice RV bus from my sister and paying her a little rent say $300.. I will also have a trailer to haul bikes with us. I have to pay a insurance fee of $140 for driving the RV, diesel gas should be around $1000. RV park fee and pad for full service is $580 1 mile out side of town and they bring in local bands as part of the rate its called elkview.. So about $2020 dived by two is $1010 each couple or if three couples it could be $675 each couple that's a great deal any way you cut it.

    UPDATE!! We have a nice couple from Houston area that want's to go. They will drive up to Dallas area and we can leave from there. if anyone wants to follow or do a caravan let us know.

    We would like to meet and have dinner or drinks to meet the couple before hand . My wife is 41 and I am 48. Let us know if your interested. Thanks Mark.
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    Sounds like fun, by the way, welcome to the forum.
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    :small3d031:VTX 1800?
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    As long as you are riding in the wind.