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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mpmitchpeterson, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Mpmitchpeterson

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    Traded my 07 Ultra for 09 Road Glide a couple weeks ago. I'm up to 350 miles now and was running down the highway and notice that the bike rides rougher than my 07 ultra. And with the 407 tire trouble on the bikes. I was just wondering if this is the begining of the tires going bad.
    "yes tire pressure good"
    "Shock pressure good"
  2. Retrop

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    It is easy enough to check. If your 2009 touring bike has a "D407F" stamped into it's sidewall, your bike was produced early in the production year. At mid year the D407F was replaced with a new tire designated D408F.
    D407F tires will have unusual wear issues along with a "whinning" noise over 40 mph. All this seems to start around 3000 miles or so. No problem if you have a D408F on the front.
  3. WildThang

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    Have over 5K on mine without a single indication of problems. I would suspect those who don't monitor their air pressure will develop problems allot quicker....
  4. Grillfish

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    Any thoughts on the frame changes between 07 and 09 impact the ride? Just a thought, but I'm no engineer. I went from an '02 solid mounted 1200 Sporty to an 09 RG, so to me it feels great.
  5. smkinnan

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    based on all of the posts I've seen in this forum, the problem has to do with that specific tire. Once the 407 is changed out with the 408, the problems go away. I would assume if it was a model year issue it would/could happen no matter what tire is involved.
  6. y2kflhr

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    I guess I had a fairly good one, I changed it at 11k, it ran fine, not happy it didn't last longer, but it was quiet, and still handled fine. The dealer replaced it with another 407 they didn't have 408s
  7. Grillfish

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    So the front tire (D407) is causing his rough ride and not the frame change from 07 to 09? Just curious as I have a D407 on my RG and I don't notice any issues.
  8. bamorris2

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    At 350 miles, I don't think the D407F tire has anything to do with the rougher ride that MPmitchpeterson is experiencing. It's likely just the stiffer frame on the 09+ models. While they handle much better, they also ride a little firmer.

    Also, the D407F tires have not been reported to be causing rough rides, just cupping, wobbling, noise, etc. But not rough ride, at least not that I've heard (and I follow the issue pretty close).
  9. IR Rick

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    I have over 11k front and back trires d407, the front looks greate, the rear is starting to cup
    I ask service about the cupping, he said it was caused by low psi, but i run 41lbs
    I do run hard in the cornners, floor boards show it. and there are no nubs on the side of the tires, with compond being softer i would think this is why i'm cupping
  10. joel

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    I have 09 RKC D407F tires, 7046 miles, front and rear have 7/32 tred depth left, don't remember hearing or feeling the concearns listed in above posts, not sure of the depth of a new tire, front and back tires both look good and running the palm of my hand over I don't feel any cupping. Production date on this bike is 12/08, not sure of the break off date for these tires but if someone has the stock updated / 408 tire, may be worth knowing the production date as it could be interesing what month the change at MOCO was made.