CV carb jetting questions

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    Hi guys,
    I have an 04 nightrain with a cv carb stage 1 kit installed I have redone the top end i have a 97 ci big bore with 10.25:1 pistons bigboyz street ported heads andrews tw31g cams and a dyna tech ignition My question is what jets will be a good starting point for me with this setup

    Also i have an 02 sporty 883 to 1250cc 10:1 compression with andrew n4 cams bigboyz street ported heads also with the cv stage 1 kit that im not sure about a starting point for jets in that carb also

    I would appreciate any help you guys could give me
    thanks in advance bill
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    Welcome to the forum Billy, I always use the dynojet tuners kits myself, Harley sells them in the screamin begal catalog, I think the needles are more adjustable and like the lighter springs if it's a stock or moderate engine, I would not waste money on the thunder slide kits, but the tuners kit I have found to be a good investment. Also the 44mm CV carb performs well.
    I'm sure other forum members will log in with some help also.
    Here's a link to the catalog if your interested:

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    Billy, welcome to the HDTalking forum and your first post. Chop has you covered...the HD (Kehin) CV carb is mighty fine, with plenty of years to refine and get it just right, only need to go to Self Help section for carb tuning info, with only couple #4 washers to raise needle a bit and use recommended jetting. Do not use drill and you should be good to go...
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    Yeah, the keihin CV is supposed to be one of the most versatile carbs Harley ever used. Should be ok with jets and or tuning as Chopper says unless you really go ape on the engine.
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    thanks i'll check it out i already did the stage 1 kit

    thanks i'll take a look at the self help link
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