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    I was wondering if anyone can help with a question , that late model gsxr suzuki upside down forks will fit straight up to fxr frame with only bearing changes ect,can anyone help answer that?

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    Welcome Anc3780 to the HDTalking forum. There will be plenty of fellow enthusasts and riders who will weigh in to help. I suppose the first question is why one would put a GSXR upside down fork eh "straight up to FXR...?" Suspension parts are tuned for the weight and specific model chassis & spring weight characteristics of a bike...!

    Does not sound like a "hop up" question but more of convenience or opportunity which is neither for a possible misapplication issue down the road...JMHO.
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    There are lots of differences that probably need to be taken into consideration. The placement of the fork tubes in the triple trees, vs the relation to the stem position, and the offset of the trees and more things I don't know about. These variables can/will affect the rake, trail, fork angle and handling. Possibly for better, more likely for worse. Not something you'd want to find out the 1st time you ran it up to 90 mph. I'd consult with an expert on frame geometry. Sounds like it would look cool though.:)
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    thanks breeze3at for your reply,I have researched a little and the fork tube lenght , rake and over all dimensions are very close.I have a late model gsxr swingarm fitted [aluminium] so a bigger rear tyre can be fitted , also have a s&s motor,but need a good front and good twin disc's[brembo]also the front end will allow a wider front tyre.I have been told that this year fxr may have been a tranisition year and this limits gearbox choice ,if you have any input for me it would be well received thanks.