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    I have a 2003 fire fighters road king which came wired for cruise control but cruise was never on the bike have since gotten everything needed and in place but cruise will not work have power to the moduel power to both switches no power coming out of the moduel I was wondering I put a tts tuner on it some time ago is there a place in that program where cruise might have to be turned on or set up any help would be apreaciated
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    I can't answer your question about if the tuner would affect setting up the cruse but I replaced my module a few months ago and it was basically a plug and play install. My question is if you have power to the module why do you think you have no power coming out of it? How did you test that?

    Did you go through the process to set the cruise?
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    Once you figure out the power issue you'll have to follow these steps to marry the cruise to your scoot.

    Also see here for the cruise diagnostics and codes.
    Cruise Control Diagnostics and Codes - Harley Davidson Community

    If you were doing a throttle cable adjustment it is possible that you may need to do an initialization . Here is the scoop from the service manual:
    The engine should be at normal operating temperature and throttle and idle cables should be correctly adjusted. To set the correct cable lash proceed as follows:
    1. Push the Cruise Switch on the right handlebar to RESUME and hold it.
    2. Turn the Cruise ON/OFF switch to ON.
    3. Turn the Ignition switch to IGNITION.
    4. Start the engine. The green Cruise Enabled/Engaged lamp in the speedometer will illuminate.
    Wait 3 Seconds for the lamp to go off.
    5. Release the Cruise Switch from the RESUME position
    6. Push the Cruise switch to RESUME and hold. Cruise will pull in cable until change in RPM is detected. The number of motor steps required to rev the engine is stored in memory.
    7. After engine revs and Cruise Enabled/Engaged lamp is extinguished release the Cruise Switch from the RESUME position.
    8 Turn the ignition switch to off.

    Some possible causes for improper operation are

    If the cruise engaged lamp does not illuminate at all, check for one or more of the following conditions:

    a. SET/RESUME switch faulty or not wired correctly.
    b. Broken or pinched wire to SET switch or cruise module.
    c. Cruise engaged lamp burned out or miswired. Lamp is turned on by module supplied ground.
    d. Main 10-place connector not plugged into cruise module.
    e. Faulty cruise main switch and associated wiring.
    f. No module ground at Terminal E of 10-place module connector.
    g. Brake light on constantly.
    h. Throttle cables too tight.**
    i. Bad cruise control fuse.
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    There is an option on the TTS to disable cruise control. It may be disabled now since you tuned it without cruise. This is from the manual as I don't have the cables to connect to my bike. Just make sure you back up your current tune and use that as your basis for enabling this setting.

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    thanks for your help I will get into the tts masture tune program this weekend and turn on the cruise control there to see if it works will post back my results
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    Good luck on your cruise.
    It would be easier to read/answer your question if you use periods so we can see where the sentence stops and starts.
    It was hard to break down your question when it was all one sentence.

    Not being fussy but it made your question hard to read.